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54th milelost girls202111cd5dbandcamp
abbagold199211apolydor314 517 007-2
abbamore gold199311apolydor31451 9353-2111926missing 2004-07-04
ac/dcdirty deeds done dirt cheap1976/200311depicek 80202
ac/dchighway to hell1979/200311depicek 80206
ac/dcback in black198011datlantic16018-2113772
ac/dcfor those about to rock we salute you1981/200311depicek 80208
acoustic junctionlove it for what it is199111dplanetcd 001
acoustic junctionsurrounded by change199311aplanet
acoustic junctionacoustic junction199611aplanetaj 9601-1
acoustic junctionlive 5-4-99199911dplanet
acoustic junctionstrange days200011domadoma002
adams, bryanso far so good199311da&m540 157-2
aerosmithgreatest hits1980/199011dcolumbiack 57367
airmoon safari199811dastralwerkscar 6644-2
alan parsons project, thei robot1977/200711darista82876 81524 2
alan parsons project, thepyramid197811daristaarcd 8225
alan parsons project, theeye in the sky1982/200711darista82878 81527 2
alan parsons project, theammonia avenue1984/200811darista82876838622
alan parsons project, thevulture culture1985/200711darista82876838592
alan parsons project, thedefinitive collection199721darista74321 51746 2
alarm, thethe alarm1983/200311cd5dtwenty first centurytfc031
alarm, theking biscuit1983/199911dking biscuit70710-88049-2
alarm, thedeclaration198411dirscd 75050
alarm, thestrength198511dirsirsd-5666
alarm, theeye of the hurricane198711dirsirsd-42061
alarm, theelectric folklore live198811dirsirsd-39108
alarm, theswitzerland 19891989/199211drarities & fewrfcd 1192
alarm, thechange198911dirsirsd-82018
alarm, thenewid (change in welsh)199011dirsvicp-26
alarm, thestandards199011dirsx2 13056
alarm, theraw199111dirsx2-13087
alarm, thetan (raw in welsh)199111dcraicd 014
all india radiothe inevitable199911dbandcamp
all india radiolo fi frequencies 1996-20012001/201311dbandcamp
all india radio002200111dbandcamp
all india radioall india radio200311dbandcamp
all india radiopermanent evolutions200511dbandcamp
all india radioecho other200611dbandcamp
all india radiofilm musik200811dbandcamp
all india radiothese winter dreams200811dbandcamp
all india radioa low high200911dbandcamp
all india radioonce a day200911dbandcamp
all india radiofall201011dbandcamp
all india radiofree me201111dbandcamp
all india radiothe silent surf201111dbandcamp
all india radiored shadow landing201211dbandcamp
all india radiothe rare earth201411dbandcamp
all india radioghost songs201611dbandcamp
all india radiofall remixes instrumentals201611dbandcamp
all india radiothe slow light201611dbandcamp
all india radiolo fi frequencies vol. 2201611dbandcamp
all india radioall india radio with leona gray201711dbandcamp
all india radiospace201811dbandcamp
all india radiosubspace201811dbandcamp
alpert, herbrise197911da&mcd-3274
alpert, herbdefinitive hits200111da&m069 490 886-2
alternate learningALRN (part of arrive without travelling)197900dhome
always augustlargeness with (w)holes198711dsstsst cd 135
americagreatest hits / history197511dwarner3110-2123757
anderson, laurieyou're the guy i want to share my money with198111drough tradegps 42-2
anderson, lauriebig science198211dwarner3674-2
anderson, lauriemr. heartbreak198411dwarner9 25077-2
anderson, laurieunited states live198441dwarner9 25192-2
anderson, lauriehome of the brave198611dwarner9 25400-2
anderson, lauriestrange angels198911dwarner9 25900-2
anderson, lauriebright red199411dwarner9 45534-2
anderson, lauriethe ugly one with the jewels199511dwarner9 45847-2
anderson, laurietalk normal (anthology)200011dwarner/rhinor2 76648
anderson, lauriehomeland201021cd/dvddnonesuch524055-2
animal housesoundtrack197811dmcamcad-31023
ants, adam and thedirk wears white sox197911depicek 38698
ants, adam and thekings of the wild frontier198011depicek 37033
ants, adam and theprince charming198111depicek 37615
ant, adamfriend or foe198211depicek 38370
ant, adamstrip198311depicek 39108
ant, adammanners & physique198911dmcamcad-6315
ant, adamantics in the forbidden zone199011depicek 46819122011
arms akimboarms akimbo (plus this is not the late show)198411dhome
arms akimbothis is not the late show (part of arms akimbo)198700dhome
armstrong, louisbest of the hot 5 and hot 7 recordings200211dcolumbia/legacyck 86539
asiadefinitive collection200611dgeffenB0007432-02168739
association, thegreatest hits196811dwarner1767-2103478
astaire, fred & ginger rogersat rko199821drhinor2 72957
atlanta rhythm sectionbest of199111dpolydor849 375-2101850
athens, g.a. - inside/outsoundtrack (plus pylon & alarm not-on-cd)198711dhome
athens, g.a. - inside/outsoundtrack1987/201221cd/dvddomnivoreovcd-44
attaway, murrayin thrall199311ddgcdgcd-24495
attractions, themad about the wrong boy1980/199111ddemonfiend cd 25
autumns, thethe angel pool199711driskd2-24922
autumns, thein the russet gold of this vain hour200011driskrsk-4112
autumns, thethe autumns200411dpseudopodpspd9252
awakeningtilex vol. I200211dnaxos
b-52's, thethe b-52's197912dwarner3355-2
b-52's, thewild planet198011dwarner3471-2
b-52's, theparty mix/mesopotamia198211dreprise9 26401-2
b-52's, themesopotamia198211dislandimcd 107 (846 239-2)
b-52's, thewhammy198311dwarner9 23819-2
b-52's, thebouncing off the satellites198611dwaner9 25504-2
b-52's, thecosmic thing198911dreprise9 25854-2
b-52's, thegood stuff199211dreprise9 26943-2
b-52's, thetime capsule199811dreprise9 46920-2125585
b-52's, thelive at rock 'n rockets 1998201811dmountain mancf01154
b-52's, theplanet claire200011dspectrum551 210-2
b-52's, thefunplex200811aastralwerks094922873071 b52 28730
b-52's, thewith the wild crowd201111deagleer202432
baby bunny classicscar seat baby200411ydirect sourcebab44342
baby bunny classicsnursery time baby200411ydirect sourcebab44352
baby bunny classicssleepy time baby200411ddirect sourcebab 44332
baby einsteinmusic box orchestra200511ybaby einstein61321-7
babylon 5best of babylon 5 (franke, christopher)199711dptn consortium
bad company10 from 6198511datlantic781625-2160321
banana splits, thewe're the banana splits / here come the beagles199511dhollywood libraryhl75075
band de soleilredemption dream199411dhifi19005-2
banglesgreatest hits199011dcolumbiack 46125
bangles / the three o'clock / the dream syndicate / rain parade3x4201811dyep rocyep-2596
bare naked ladiesstunt199811dreprise9 46963-2
barnes & barnesvoobaha1980/200611dcollector's choiceccm-737
bats, thevolume 1201431dflying nunfncd543
bauhausin the flat field198011d4adcad 13 cd
bauhausmask198111dbeggars banquetbbl 29cd
bauhausthe sky's gone out198211dbeggars banquetcd 3324
bauhausburning from the inside198311dbeggars banquetcd 4953/dx 3049
bauhaus1979-1983 vol. 1&2198621dbeggars banquetbega 64 cd 1&2
bauhausswing the heartache198911dbeggars banquet9804-2-h
bauhausgo away white200811mp3demusic
bay city rollersrollin'1974/1995/199711dbmg victorbvca-7368 (74321-11579-2)
bay city rollersonce upon a star1975/199211dbmg victorbvca-2040 (74321-11578-2)
bay city rollerswouldn't you like it?197511dbmg victorbvca-7369 (74321-11577-2)
bay city rollersself-titled arista 8-track/rock and roll love letter1975/197611dhome
bay city rollersdedication197611dbmg victorbvca-7370 (74321-11576-2)
bay city rollersit's a game1977/199211dbmg victorbvca-2043 (74321-11575-2)
bay city rollersgreatest hits1977/199111darista103446
bay city rollersstrangers in the wind1978/200711d7t'sglam cd 45
bay city rollerselevator1979/200811d7t'sglam cd 47
bay city rollersvoxx1980/200811d7t'sglam cd 49
bay city rollersricochet1981/200811d7t'sglam cd 50
bay city rollersbay city rollers198911dariola295 588
bay city rollersmemorial199211dbmg victorbvca-176 (74321-12411-2)
bears, thethe bears198711dpmrcirsd-42011
bears, therise and shine198812dpmrcirsd-42139
bears, thecar caught fire200111dcar caught fire
bears, theeureka200711d
beach boys, theall-time greatest hits199011dcemacdl-57355
beatles, theplease please me196311dparlophonetocp-51111
beatles, thewith the beatles196311dparlophonetocp-51112
beatles, thea hard day's night196411dparlophonecdp 7 46437 2
beatles, thebeatles for sale196411dparlophonetocp-51114
beatles, thehelp!196511dparlophonecdp 7 46439 2
beatles, therubber soul196511dcapitolcdp 7 46440 2
beatles, therevolver196611dcapitolcdp 7 46441 2
beatles, the1962-1966 (red)1973/199321dcapitolcdp 0777 7 97036 2 3
beatles, thesgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band1967/198711acapitolcdp 7 46442 2
beatles, themagical mystery tour196711dcapitolcdp 7 48062 2
beatles, thewhite album196821dcapitolcdp 7 46443 2
beatles, theyellow submarine songtrack1968/199911dcapitolcdp 7243 5 21481 2 7
beatles, theabbey road1969/198711acapitolcdp 7 46446 2
beatles, thelet it be1970/198711acapitolcdp 7 46447 2
beatles, thelet it be... naked1970/200311dapple/capitolcdp 7243 5 95713 2 4
beatles, the1967-1970 (blue)1973/199321dcapitolcdp 0777 7 97039 2 0
beatles, thepast masters volume one198811demicdp 7 90043 2
beatles, thepast masters volume two198811demicdp 7 90044 2
beatles, thelive at the bbc199421dcapitolcdp 7243 8 31796 2 6
beatles, theanthology 1199521dapple7243 8 34445 2 6
beatles, theanthology 3199621dapple7243 8 34451 2 7
beatles, thelove200621cd/dvddcapitol0 9463 79810 2 3
bee geesthe record - their greatest hits2001/200621drepriser2 77604215296
been, michaelon the verge of a nervous breakthrough199411dqwest/reprise9 45557-2
belew, adrianlone rhino198211dislanduicy-9237
belew, adriantwang bar king / young lions1983/1990/200411dfruit gumfccd 070704000004
belew, adriandesire caught by the tail198611disland7 90551-2
belew, adriandesire of the rhino king199111disland314-510 518-2
belew, adrianmr. music head198911datlantic7 81959-2
belew, adrianyoung lions199011datlantic7 82099-2
belew, adrianpretty pink rose199011cd5datlantic7 86200-2
belew, adrianinner revolution199211datlantic7 82370-2
belew, adrianacoustic199311dadrian belew presentsabp cd93001-1
belew, adrianhere199411dcarolinecarol 1748-2
belew, adrianthe guitar as orchestra199511dadrian belew presentsabp 7522-2
belew, adrianop zop too wah199611dpassengerpsr 9503
belew, adrianbelewprints acoustic volume 2199811dadrian belew presentsabp-04198
belew, adriansalad days199911dthirsty earthi 57061.2
belew, adriancoming attractions199911dadrian belew presentsabp-06199
belew, adrianside one200411dsanctuary06076-84738-2r
belew, adrianside two200511dsanctuarysancd386
belew, adrianside three200611dsanctuary06076-84777-2
bell, chrisi am the cosmos199211drykodiscrcd 10222
benatar, patin the heat of the night197911dchrysalisf2 21236 didx 000069101774
benatar, patcrimes of passion198011dchrysalisf2 21275101775
benatar, patprecious time1981/198411dchrysalisf2 21346101776
benatar, patget nervous198411dchrysalisf2 21396101856
bent backed tulips, thelooking through...199411deggberter80015cd
bernstein, leonardcopland: appalacian spring, +1960/199711asonysmk 63082
bernstein, leonarddvorak: symphony no. 9, +1962/199811asonysmk 60563
big bad voodoo daddybig bad voodoo daddy199811aemi-capitolcdp 7243 4 93338 2 6
big chill, thesoundtrack198311dmotownmcdo6120MD
big chill, themore songs from the original soundtrack198411dmotown3746360942
big head todd and the monsterssister sweetly199311dgiant9 24486-2
big star#1 record / radio city199211dstaxfcd-60-025102334
big starthird / sister lovers1975/199211drykodiscrcd 10220101860
big stara little big star199211drykodiscvrcd 0222
big starlive199211drykodiscrcd 10221
big starcolumbia199311dzoo72445-11060-2
big starnobody can dance199911dnortonced-265
big starwhat's goin' ahn1972/1973/197811ddeep six
big starnothing can hurt me201311domnivoreovcd-61
black sabbathparanoid197011dwarner3104-2104222
black sabbathheaven and hell198011dwarner3372-2101862
blondieparallel lines197811dchrysalis101778
blondiebest of198411dchrysalis101245
blue nile, thea walk across the rooftops198311da&mcd 5087
blue nile, thehats198911da&mcd 5284
blue nile, thepeace at last199611dwarner9 45848-2113376
blue nile, thehigh200411depstein06076-86368-2
blue oyster cultworkshop of the telescopes199521dlegacy/columbiac2k 64163
blues brothers, thesoundtrack198011aatlanticcd 82787
blues travellerblues traveller199011aa&m75021 5308 2103386
boards of canadamusic has the right to children199811dbandcamp
bodeanslove & hope & sex & dreams198611dslash/warner9 25403-2
bodeansoutside looking in198711dreprise/slash9 25629-2replacement
bongos, thedrums along the hudson special edition1982/200711dcooking vinylckv-cd-389
bongos, thenumbers with wings/beat hotel1983/1985/199211drazor & tiere 1995
bongos, thephantom train1985/1986/201311djemmvd6036a
boogie nightssoundtrack199711dcapitolcdp 7243 8 55631 2 6
boogie nights 2soundtrack199811dcapitolcdp 7243 4 93076 2 9
book of lovebook of love198611dsire9 25355-2
book of lovelullaby198811dsire9 25700-2
book of lovecandy carol199111dsire9 26389-2
book of lovelovebubble199311dsire/warner9 45280-2
book of lovebest of200111dreprise9 47992-2
boomtown rats, theboomtown rats1977/200511dmercury/universal982 677-3
boomtown rats, thea tonic for the troops197811dcolumbiack 35750
boomtown rats, thea tonic for the troops1978/9211dmercury514053-2
boomtown rats, thethe fine art of surfacing197911dcolumbiacd 36248
boomtown rats, themondo bongo198111dcolumbiack 37062
boomtown rats, thev deep198211dmercury800 042-2
boomtown rats, thein the long grass (plus)198511dhome
boomtown rats, thein the long grass1985/200511dmercury/universal982 677-8
boomtown rats, thegreatest hits198711dcolumbiack 40615
bostonboston197611depicek 34188105231
bostondon't look back197811depicek 35050110459
bourgeois taggbourgeois tagg198611dislandp35d-20024
bourgeois taggyoyo198711disland7 90638-2
bourgeois, brentbrent bourgeois199011dcharisma2-91364
bourgeois, brenta matter of feel199211dcharismav2-86311
bowie, davidziggy stardust197211drykodiscrcd 10134110803
bowie, davidchangesbowie199011drykodiscrcd 20171143693
bowie, davidthe singles 1969-1993199321drykodiscrcd 10218/19201659
bradburydrug induced sex rituals199011dbandcamp
brady bunch, theit's a sunshine day199311dmcamcad-10764101328
bragg, billytalking with the taxman about poetry198611delektra9 60502-2
bragg, billyback to basics198711delektra9 60726-2
bragg, billyworkers playtime198811delektra9 60824-2
bragg, billythe internationale199011cd5delektra/utility9 60960-2
bragg, billydon't try this at home199111delektra9 61121-2
breuer, harrymallet magic/mallet mischief1958/201411doldaysr-1460399
brickell, edie & the new bohemiansshooting rubberbands at the stars198812dgeffen9 24192-2100789
bronski beatthe age of consent1985/199611dlondon3984 28195-2
brown, mattfuture perfect future201411dbandcamp
brown, mattthe morning after medicine show~2000/201411dbandcamp
budd, harold & brian enoambient 2 - the plateaux of mirror198011darsnovaan99-0304
budd, harold & brian enothe pearl198411darsnovaan+on-005
buffet, jimmyfeeding frenzy199011amcamcad-10022124853
bugglesthe age of plastic197911disland422-842 849-2
bugglesadventures in modern recording198111djimcojick-89266
built to spillthere's nothing wrong with love199411dup006
built to spillperfect from now on199711dwarner9 46453-2
built to spillkeep it like a secret199912dwarner9 46952-2
bush, katehounds of love198511demi101779
bush, katethe sensual world198911dcolumbiack 44164
buzzcocksproduct198931demi7243 8 32767 2 1
buzzcocksoperators manual (best of)199111dirsx2-13135
buzzcockstrade test transmissions199311dcarolinecarol 1747-2
buzzcocksall set199611dirs72438 36962 22
buzzcocksflat-pack philosophy200311dcooking vinylckv-cd-4772
cabaret volataire1974-761978/199211dgrey/mutecabs 15cd
cabaret volatairemix-up197911dmute9 61002-2
cabaret volatairethree mantras1980/199011drestless/mute7 71477-2
cabaret volatairevoice of america1980/199011drestless/mute7 71472-2
cabaret volatairered mecca1981/199011drestless/mute7 71473-2
cabaret volataire2x45198211dmute9 61003-2
cabaret volatairecode198711demi-manhattancdp-7-46999-2
cabaret volataireeight crepuscule tracks198811dgiantgri6009-2
cabaret volatairethe living legends199011drestless/mute7 71476-2
cabaret volatairelisten up with199021drestless/mute7 71475-2
cabaret volatairemethodology '74/'78: the attic tapes200231dmutecabs17cd
call, thereconciled198611delektra9 60440-2
call, theinto the woods198711delektra9 60739-2
call, thelet the day begin198911dmcamcad-6303
call, thered moon199011dmcamcad-10033
call, thethe walls came down (best of mercury years)199111dmercury848 741-2
call, theto heaven and back199811dcadence2-46898123238
camper van beethoventelephone free landslide victory198511drough tradeip016cd
camper van beethovenii & iii198711dirs0777 7 13209 27
camper van beethoventhe third album plus vampire can mating oven198811drough tradepitch 02 cd
camper van beethovenour beloved revolutionary sweetheart198811dvirgin7 90918-2
camper van beethovenour beloved revolutionary sweetheart1988/201411domnivoreovcd-69
camper van beethovenkey lime pie198911dvirgin2-91289154400
camper van beethovenkey lime pie1989/201411domnivoreovcd-70
camper van beethovencamper vantiquities199311dirs0777 7 13211 22
camper van beethovenis dead - long live200011dpitch-a-tentpat200002
camper van beethovennew roman times200411dpitch-a-tent79779-2
candy skins, thespace i'm in199111ddgcdgcd-24370
candy skins, thefun?199311ddgcdgcd-24494
candy skins, thesunday morning fever1997/199911dquatroqtcy-2098
candy skins, thedeath of a minor tv celebrity199811dvelvel ultimate63467-79738-2
captain and tennillegreatest hits197711da&m3105130116
carlin, georgeclassic gold199221deardrum7 92219-2202182
cars, thethe cars197811delektra135-2101886
cars, thecandy-o197911delektra5e-507-2101885
cars, thepanorma198011delektra5e-514-2101888
cars, theshake it up198111delektra567-2 (252 230)101889
cars, theheartbeat city198411delektra9 60296-2101887
cars, themove like this201111dhearhrm-32872-02
case, peterpeter case198611dgeffengefd-24482
case, peterpeter case1986/201611domnivoreovcd-184
case, peterblue guitar198911dgeffen9 24238-2
case, petersix pack of love199211dgeffengefd-24466
case, petersings like hell199411dvanguard79476-2
case, petertorn again199511dvanguard79481-2
case, peterfull service no waiting199811dvanguard79504-2
case, peterflying saucer blues200011dvanguard79559-2
cash, johnnyring of fire196311alegacy/columnbiack 66890
cash, johnnyclassic cash hall of fame series198811amercury834 526-2100595
cash, johnnyessential: 1955-1983199831acolumnbia/legacyc3k 65557
cavedogs, thejoyrides for shut-ins199011denigma7 73571-2
cavedogs, thetayter country199011cd5drestless7 72513-2
cavedogs, thesix tender moments199111cd5dcapitolc2-15706
cavedogs, thesoul martini199211dcapitolcdp 7 97511 2
cervenka, exeneold wives' tales198911drhinor2 70913
chariots of firescore (by vangelis)198111apolydor800 020-2
charlatans uk, thebetween 10th and 11th199211dbeggars banquetbeg 07863 61108-2
cheap trickgreatest hits199111depicek 48681
cherry poppin' daddieszoot suit riot199711amojoud-53081
chesterman, charliefrom the book of flames199411dslow river25051-2
chesterman, charliestudebakersfield199611dslow riversrr 10
chesterman, charliedynamite music machine199711dslow riversrr 28
chicagogreatest hits - ix197511dchicagocrd-3009
chicagothe very best of200221drhinor2 76170
chills, thekaleidoscope world199011dflying nunfne 13cd
chills, thesilver bullets201511dfirefirecd382
chilton, alex19 years: a collection199111drhinor2 70780
chimeralughnasa199311dflute4 cd
chimerathe day star ep199611cd5dgrassgrow 056-2
chimeraearth loop199611dgrass60150-13035-2
china crisisdifficult shapes and passive rhythms1982/198511dvirgincdv 2243
china crisisworking with fire and steel198411dvirgincdv2286
china crisisflaunt the imperfection198511dvirgincdv 2342
china crisiswhat price paradise198611dvirgincdv2410
china crisisdiary of a hollow horse198911dvirgincd 5225
china crisiswarped by success199411dstardumbstacd001
china crisisacoustically yours199511dtelegraph500 016-2
china crisiswishful thinking199721dred snappersmd cd117
china crisiscollection199021dvirgincdvx2613
chris and coseyheartbeat198111dwax traxwaxcd 7122
chris and coseytrance198211dwax traxwaxcd 7123
chris and coseytechno primitive1985/198711dwax traxwaxcd 7425
chris and coseyallotropy1987/198911dstaalplaatst c.d. 002
chris and coseyexotika & take five199011dnettwer88561-5017-2
church, theof skins and heart198211daristaarcd-8563
church, theblurred crusade198211daristaarcd-8564
church, theblurred crusade/sing songs EP198211dhome
church, theseance198311daristaarcd-8565
church, theremote luxury198412daristaarcd-8566
church, theheyday198511daristaarcd-8567
church, thestarfish198811daristaarcd-8521
church, thegold afternoon fix199012daristaarcd-8579
church, thea quick smoke at spot's199111dmushroomd 26058
church, thepriest=aura199211darista07822-18683-2
church, thesometime anywhere / somewhere else199421darista07822-18729-2
church, themagician among the spirits199611ddeep karma/whited31562
church, thealmost yesterday 1981-1990199711dravenrvcd-43
church, thewhite star line / gypsy stomp199711cd5dnsewnsewcd1
church, thehologram of baal199821dcooking vinyld31886 cook cd 155
church, themagician among the spirits plus some1996/199911dthirsty earthi 57060.2
church, thea box of birds199911dthirsty earthi 57073.2
church, thesing-songs / remote luxury / persia200111demi7243 5 35583 2 1
church, theafter everything now this200211dthirsty earthi 57116.2
church, theparallel universe200221dthirsty earthi 57126.2
church, theforget yourself200311dcooking vinylspart134
church, thehindsight 1980-19871988/199621demi8382542
church, theuninvited, like the clouds200611mp3demusic
cincinnati pops orchestra, the with erich kunzelstar tracks198411dtelarccd-80094
cincinnati pops orchestra, the with erich kunzelsymphonic star trek199611dtelarccd-80383
clapton, erictimepieces (best of)198211apolydor800 014-2123385
clash, thethe clash197711depicek 36060
clash, thelondon calling197911depicegk 36328
clash, thethe story of the clash, vol. 1198821depice2k 44035
cline, patsy12 greatest hits198811dmcamcad-12153849
close lobstersheadache rhetoric198811denigma7 73521-2
club foot orchestrawild beasts / kidnapped1986/198711drastascanbrd-013
club foot orchestrametropolis / pool of thanatos199111dheydayhey023
club foot orchestrasherlock jr. / felix the cat woos whoopee199311drastascanbrd s3
cluster & enocluster & eno1977/200511dwaterwater156
coal porters, therebels without applause199211dzumazru0004
coal porters, theland of hope and crosby199411dtemple bartb001
coal porters, thelos london199611dtemple bartb002
coal porters, thegram parsons tribute concert199811dprimasid010
cocteau twinsthe cd single box set1982-1990/1991101dcapitol
cocteau twinstreasure198411d4adcapitol cdp 7 96418 2
cocteau twinsthe pink opaque198511d4ademcd 8040
cocteau twinsblue bell knoll198811dcapitolcdp 7 90892 2
cocteau twinsheaven or las vegas199011dcapitolcdp 7 93669 2
cocteau twinsfour-calendar cafe199311dcapitolcdp 0777 7 99375 2 3
cole, lloyd & commotionsrattlesnakes198411acapitolcdp 7 91182 2
cole, lloyd & commotionseasy pieces198511dcapitolcdp 7 91183 2
cole, lloyd & commotionsmainstream198711dcapitolcdp 7 90893 2
cole, lloyd & commotionsfrom the hip198811cd5apolydorcolcd 9
cole, lloydlloyd cole199011dcapitol143346
cole, lloyddon't get weird on me, babe199111dcapitolcdp 7 96077 2
cole, lloydbad vibes199411drykodiscrcd 10306
cole, lloydmorning is broken199411cd5arykodiscrcd5 1037
cole, lloydlove story199511drykodiscrcd 10327
cole, lloydlike lovers do199511cd5drykodiscrcd5 1041
cole, lloydthe negatives200011dxiii bis records155 482
cole, lloydplastic wood200111dest.musicest:001
cole, lloydetc (lost songs 1996-2000)200111dest.musicest:002
cole, lloydmusic in a foreign language200411done little indianoli415
cole, lloydantidepressant200611done little indianoli 762
cole, lloydcleaning out the ashtrays200941dtapetetr138
cole, lloydbroken record201011dtapetetr186
cole, lloyd & roedeliusselected studies vol.1201311dbureau bbb124
cole, lloydstandards201311dtapetetr261
cole, nat king triowwi transcriptions199411amusic & artscd-808
collins, philface value198111datlantic16029-2
confessions, thethe confessions (part of kissing the pink)198200dhome
connells, theboylan heights198711dtvt2540 cd
continental drifterscontinental drifters199411dmonkey hillmon 6123-2
continental driftersvermilion199811dblue roseblu cd0064
continental driftersbetter day200111drazor & tie7930182864-2
continental drifterslisten, listen200111dblue roseblu dp0265
continental driftersnineteen ninety-three200311dblue roseblu cd0304
continental driftersdrifted: in the beginning & beyond201521domnivoreovcd-132
conversation, the (david shire)soundtrack1974/200111dintrada
coolies, thetake that, you bastards!199511dcasino3009
coolies, thedoug198811ddbdb 88
cooper, alicegreatest hits197411dwarner3107-2170296
cooper, alicewelcome to my nightmare197511datlantic19157-2102179
cooper, aliceflush the fashion198011dwarner7599-26229-2
cooper, alicespecial forces198111dwarner7599-26230-2
cooper, alicezipper catches skin198211dwarner7599-23719-2
cooper, alicedada198311dwarner7599-23969-2
cornwell, hughwolf198811dvirgin7 90947-2
cornwell, hughguilty199711dsnappersma cd 501
cornwell, hughblack hair black eyes black suit199911dvelvel63467-79766-2
cornwell, hughhi fi200111dkochkoc-cd-8220
costello, elvismy aim is true197711dcolumbiack 35037
costello, elvismy aim is true1977/199311drykodiscrcd 20271106951
costello, elvisthis year's model197811dcolumbiack 35331
costello, elvisthis year's model1978/199311drykodiscrcd 10272106953
costello, elvislive at the el mocambo1978/199311drykodiscrcd 10274
costello, elvisarmed forces197811dcolumbiack 35709
costello, elvisarmed forces1979/199311drykodiscrcd 20273106952
costello, elvisget happy!198011dcolumbiack 36347
costello, elvisget happy!1980/199411drykodiscrcd 20275106955
costello, elvistaking liberties198011dcolumbiack 36839
costello, elvistrust198111dcolumbiack 37051
costello, elvistrust1981/199411drykodiscrcd 20276106954
costello, elvisalmost blue198111dcolumbiack 37562
costello, elvisalmost blue1981/199411drykodiscrcd 20277106406
costello, elvisimperial bedroom198211drykodiscrcd 20278106407
costello, elvispunch the clock1984/199511drykodiscrcd 20279108714
costello, elvisgoodbye cruel world198411dcolumbiack 39429
costello, elvisgoodbye cruel world1984/199511drykodiscrcd 20280108715
costello, elvisking of america1986/199511drykodiscrcd 20281102864
costello, elvisblood & chocolate1986/199511drykodiscrcd 20282110878
costello, elvisvery best of 1977-86199411drykodiscrcd 40283106956
costello, elvisout of our idiot198711ddemonfiend cd 67
costello, elvisgirls girls girls198921dcolumbiac2k 46897
costello, elvisspike198911dwarner9 25848-2
costello, elvismighty like a rose199111dwarner9 26575-2
costello, elvisjuliet letters199311dwarner9 45180-2100885
costello, elvis2 1/2 years in 31 minutes199311drykovrcd 0271
costello, elvisbrutal youth199411dwarner9 45535-2102530
costello, elvisan overview disc199511drykorcd 20282+1
costello, elviskojak variety199511dwarner9 45903-2108472
costello, elvisall this useless beauty199611dwarner9 46198-2112698
costello, elvis & burt bacharachpainted from memory199811dmercury314 538 002-2
costello, elvisdelivery man200411dlost highwayb0002593-02
costello, elvisnational ransom201011dhearhm-32142-02
coulton, jonathansmoking monkey200311djonathancoulton.comdownload
coulton, jonathanwhere tradition meets tomorrow200411cd5djonathancoulton.comdownload
coulton, jonathanour bodies ourselves our cybernetic arms200511cd5djonathancoulton.comdownload
coulton, jonathanthing a week one200611djonathancoulton.comdownload
coulton, jonathanthing a week two200611djonathancoulton.comdownload
coulton, jonathanthing a week three200611djonathancoulton.comdownload
coulton, jonathanthing a week four200611djonathancoulton.comdownload
coulton, jonathanartificial heart201111djonathancoulton.comdownload
coulton, jonathanjoco live201411djonathancoulton.comdownload
coulton, jonathanthe aftermath(fuzzy)11djonathancoulton.comdownload
coulton, jonathansolid state201711djonathancoulton.comdownload
coulton, jonathansome guys201911djonathancoulton.comdownload
cowboy mouthword of mouth199211ddomino8004-2
cowboy mouthword of mouth1992/199611dmonkey hillmon 8134-2
cowboy mouthmouthing off199311dviceroyvic8011-2
cowboy mouthit means escape199411dmonkey hillmon 6128-2
cowboy mouthare you with me?199611dmcamcad-11447
cowboy mouthmercyland199811dmcamcad-11847
cowboy moutheasy200011dblackbird83349-2
cowboy mouthuh-oh200311d33rd st3320
cowsills, thethe best of - the millenium collection200111dpolydor314 549 947-2
crackerkerosene hat199311dvirgin7243 8 39012 2 7
crackergeislingen 2008200821flacd
crackersunrise in the land of milk and honey200911mp3demusic
crafties, thepalace fool200611dcraftie
cranberries, theeverybody else is doing it, so why can't we?199311disland314-514 156-2180023
cranberries, theno need to argue199411disland314-524 050-2106258
crash vegasred earth198911dweacd 70770
crash vegasstone199312dlondon828 409-2
crenshaw, marshallmarshall crenshaw198211awarner3673-2102649
croce, jimphotographs & memories greatest hits197411a21records7 90467-2
crosby, stills, & nashcrosby, stills, & nash196911aatlantic82651-2
crosby, stills, nash, & youngdeja vu197011aatlantic82649-2
cross, christopherchristopher cross197911dwarner3383-2 (256 789)
crowded housecrowded house198611dcapitol133277
crowded housetemple of low men198811dcapitolcdp 7 48763 2 didx 2655101901
crowded housewoodface199111dcapitolcdp 7 93559 2101690
crowded housetogether alone199311dcapitol102151
crucifucks, theour will be done199411dalternative tentaclesvirus 111cd
cucumbers, thethe cucumbers198712dprofilepcd-1239
cucumbers, thewhere we sleep tonight199411dzero hour1020-2
cucumbers, thetotal vegetility199911dhome officeho lpt2
cucumbers, theall things to you200411dfictitiousfr101
cure, thethree imaginary boys1979/200421dfiction/elektra/rhinor2 78895
cure, theboys don't cry197911delektra9 60786-2
cure, theseventeen seconds198011delektra9 60784-2
cure, thefaith198111delektra9 60783-2
cure, thepornography198211da&mcd 4902
cure, thejapanese whispers198311dsire9 25076-2
cure, thethe top198411dsire9 25086-2
cure, thehead on the door198511delektra9 60435-2
cure, thekiss me, kiss me, kiss me198711delektra960737-2
cure, thedisintegration198911delektra9 60855-2
cure, thepictures of you199011cd5delektra9 66639-2
cure, themixed up199011delektra9 60978-2
cure, thewish199211delektra/fiction9 61309-2111116
cure, thewild mood swings199611delektra/fiction61744-2112780
cure, thebloodflowers200011dfiction/elektra62236-2
cure, thejoin the dots: b-sides & rarities 1978-2001200441dfiction/elektra/rhinor2 78043
cure, thethe cure200411dgeffenb002870-00
cure, the4:13 dream200811dsuretoneb0010913-02
dadapuzzle199211dirsx2 0777 7 13141 2 4
dadaamerican highway flower199412dirs7243 8 27986 20
dadael subliminoso199611dirs72438 34168 20
dadahow to be found200411dblue cave8 29250 32325 3
dash rip rockdash rip rock198711amammothmr0015
dash rip rockace of clubs198912dmammothmr0014
dash rip rocknot of this world199011dmammothmr0020
dash rip rockboiled alive199111dmammothmr0027-2
dash rip rocktiger town199312ddoctor dreamdd9376
dash rip rockget you some of me199612dnaked languagenak 6132-2
dash rip rockgold record199611dnaked languagenak 6502-2
dash rip rockpaydirt199811apc musicpcm 0009
dash rip rocksonic boom200211dpc musicpcm 0009
davis, mileskind of blue1959/199711dcolumbia/legacyck 64935121858
davis, milesbest of capitol/blue note years199211ablue note111000
db's, thestands for decibels198111dirs0777 7 13021 21
db's, therepercussion198111dirsirsd-81001
db's, thelike this198412dirsirsd-42055
db's, thesound of music198712drhino/bearsviller2 70891
db's, theride the wild tomtom199311drhino42 71299
db's, theparis avenue199411dmonkey hillmon 6122-2
db's, thefallling off the sky201211dbar nonebrn-cd-210
db's and friends, thechristmas time again200611dcollector's choiceccm-745
dead kennedysfresh fruit for rotting vegetables1980/199311dalternative tentaclesvirus 1cd
dead kennedysfresh fruit for rotting vegetables1980/1981/199921dcherry redcdsbred 155
dead kennedysplastic surgery disasters/in god we trust, inc.1981/198211dalternative tentaclesvirus 5/27cd
dead kennedysfrankenchrist198512dalternative tentaclesvirus 45cd
dead kennedysbedtime for democracy198611dvirus50cd
dead kennedysgive me convenience or give me death198711dmanifestomfo 42904
def leppardpyromania/high 'n' dry1983/198111dhome
denver, johnbeginnings (w/mitchell trio)196511dhome
denver, johngreatest hits197311dracpcd1-0374113777
denver, johnan evening with1974/200121drca07863 69353-2
depeche modepeople are people198411dsire9 25124-2101912
depeche modesome great reward198411dsire9 25194-2101913
depeche modecatching up with198511dsire9 25346-2100560
depeche modeblack celebration198611dsire9 25429-2101910
depeche modemusic for the masses198711dsire9 25614-2101911
depeche mode101198911dsire9 25853-2
depeche modeviolator199011dsire/reprise9 26081-2173408
depeche modesongs of faith and devotion199311dsire/reprise9 45243-2101362
depeche modeultra199711dmute/reprise9 46522-2118371
depeche modeexciter200111dmute/reprise9 47960-2118371
depeche modeplaying the angel200511dsire/reprise/mute49348-2
depeche modesounds of the universe200911dcapitol50999 6 96769 2 5
depeche modedelta machine201321dcolumbia88765 46063 2
depeche modespirit201711dcolumbia88985 41168 2
devohardcore volume 1&21990&199121drykodiscrcd 10188&20208
devoq:are we not men? a:we are devo / devo live1978/198111dvirgincdv 2106 0777 7 86996 2 0
devoduty now for the future / new traditionalists1979/198111dvirgincdv 2125 0777 7 86995 2 1
devooh no it's devo / freedom of choice1982/198011dvirgincdv 2241 0777 7 86997 2 9
devoez listening disc1981/1984/198711drykodiscrcd 20031
devogreatest hits199011dwarner9 26449-2101248
devogreatest misses199011dwarner9 26450-2
devolive1980/199911drhino handmaderhm2 7708
devorecombo dna limited #3228/5000200021drhino handmaderhm2 7718
devosomething for everybody201011dwarner523975-2
dire straitsdire straits197811dwarner3266-2173176
dire straitsmaking movies1980/200011dwarner9 47771-2
dr. demento20th anniversary collection199121drhinor2 70743
doe, johnmeet john doe199011ddgc9 24291-d2
doe, johnkissing so hard199511dforwardr2 72134100345
doe, johnfor the rest of us199811cd5dkill rock starskrs-290
doe, johnfreedom is...200011dsplnartspart85
dolby, thomasgolden age of wireless198211dcapitolcdp 7 46009 2
dolby, thomasthe flat earth198411dparolophone odeoncdp 7 46028 2
dolby, thomasaliens ate my buick198811demi-manhattancdp 548075
dolby, thomasastronauts & heretics199211dgiant9 24478-2100306
dolby, thomasretrospectable (best of)199411dcapitolcdp 7243 8 27642 2 9
dolby, thomasthe gate to the mind's eye199411dgiant9 24586-2
dolby, thomasthe sole inhabitant200611mp3demusic
doobie brothers, thebest of the doobies197611dwarnerw2-3112
doobie brothers, thebest of the doobies volume ii198111dwarner3612-2
doors, thegreatest hits199611delektra61996-2116366
dr. hookgreatest hits198711dcapitolcdp 7 46620 2
dramaramacinema verite198511dchameleond2-74819
dramaramabox office bomb198711dchameleond2-74820
dramaramastuck in wonderamaland198911dchameleond2-74822
dramaramahi-fi sci-fi199311dchameleon61489-2
dramaramaeverybody dies200511d33rd street3375
dream academy, thethe dream academy198511dwarner9 25265-2
dream syndicate, thedays of wine and roses1982/200111drhinor2 79937
dream syndicate, thethese times201911danti87659-2
dreams so realfather's house (part of jamboree)198600dhome
dreams so realrough night in jericho198811daristaarcd-8555
dreams so realred lights (merry christmas)198811cd5daristaascd-9784
dreams so realgloryline199011daristaarcd-8618
dreams so realthe unreleased album demos plus1991?11dhome
dreams so realnocturnal omissions199211dchi hua huaaka 11089
drivin' n' cryin'scarred but smarter198612disland422-842 854-2
drivin' n' cryin'whisper tames the lion198811disland7 90699-2
drivin' n' cryin'mystery road198912disland7 91226-2
drivin' n' cryin'fly me courageous199011disland422-848 000-2
drivin' n' cryin'wrapped in sky199511ddgcdgcd-24826
drivin' n' cryin'drivin' n' cryin'199711dichiband2 24921-2
drivin' n' cryin'great american bubble factory200911dvintage earth9205586-2
duke ellington orchestra, thedigital duke198711dgrpgrd-9548163356
dukes of stratosphear, thechips from the chocolate fireball198711dgeffen9 24169-2
dumptruckd is for (plus echo and the bunnymen)198411dhome
dumptruckd is for198411drykodiscrcd 10655
dumptruckpositively dumptruck1986/198711dbig time6004-2-b
dumptruckfor the country198711dbig time6051-2-b
dumptruckdays of fear199411dunclean10030-2
dumptruckterminal199911ddevil in the woodsdiw #24
dumptrucklemmings travel to the sea200021ddevil in the woodsdiw 37
dumptruckhaul of fame200611drykodiscrcd 10822
duran durandecade198911d173573
eaglesgreatest hits197611dasylum105-2123481
eaglesthe long run197911dasylum508-2 (252 181)100649
eaglesgreatest hits volume 2198211dasylum9 60205-2163318
earth, wind & firegreatest hits199811dcolumbia/legacyck 65779128134
easdale, johnbright side199811dharveyer80037cd
easter, mitchdynamico200711delectric deviledrdclxvi
ebn-oznfeeling cavalier1984/200611dwounded birdwou 319
echo and the bunnymencrocodiles198011dsire6096-2
echo and the bunnymenheaven up here198111dsire3569-2
echo and the bunnymenporcupine198311dkorova2292-40027-2
echo and the bunnymenthe sound of echo ep(part of d is for)198300dhome
echo and the bunnymenocean rain1983/198412dsire9 25084-2
echo and the bunnymensongs to learn & sing198511dsire9-25360-2
echo and the bunnymenecho and the bunnymen198711dsirew2-25597
echo and the bunnymenreverberation199011dsire/warner9 26388-2
echo and the bunnymenevergreen199711dlondon422 828 905-2 in02120094
echo and the bunnymenwhat are you going to do with your life?199911dlondon31066-2
echo and the bunnymenflowers200111dcooking vinylcook cd 208
echo and the bunnymensiberia200511dcooking vinylckv-cd-4697
echo and the bunnymenthe fountain200911docean rainocean001cd
echo and the bunnymenmeteorites201421cd/dvdd429ftn17993
econoghostanneu'ed200211d125 records125-007
electric light orchestraface the music197511depic82796 94278 2
electric light orchestraole elo197611djetzk 35528
electric light orchestraa new world record197611djetzk 35529
electric light orchestraout of the blue197711djetzgk 35530
electric light orchestradiscovery197911djetzk 35769
electric light orchestratime1981/200111depic/legacyek 85421
electric light orchestragreatest hits198611dcbszk 36310
electric light orchestraafterglow box199031depik/associatedz3k 46090
electric light orchestrazoom200111depicek 85336
electric light orchestra part twoelectric light orchestra part two199011dscotti bros.72392 75222-2
electric light orchestra part twomoment of truth199411dcurb edeld2-77692
electric light orchestraalone in the universe201511dcolumbia88875 145112
ellen james society, thereluctantly we199011ddaemondr01-2
ellen james society, thethe survivors parade199211ddaemon7-5054-2
ellington, dukeblanton-webster band1940-1942/198631dbluebird5659-2-rb
embarrassment, theheyday 1979-83199521dbar noneahaon-059-2
emfschubert dip199111demicdp-7-96238-2
emfstigma199211demi0777 7 80348 2 7
english beat, thespecial beat service198211dirscd-75069
english beat, thewhat is beat?198311dirscd70040102661
english beat, thebeat this: best of200011dgo feet/london40735-2
eno, brianhere come the warm jets197311degegcd 11
eno, briantaking tiger mountain (by strategy)197411degegcd17
eno, briananother green world197511degegcd 21
eno, briandiscreet music197511deditions egeegcd 23
eno, brianbefore and after science197711degegcd 32
eno, brianmusic for airports197811deditions egeegcd 17
eno, brianmusic for films1978/200511dvirgin7243 5 63646 2 2
eno, brianambient 4 on land198211deditions egeegcd 20
eno, brianapollo atmospheres & soundtracks198311degegcd 53
eno, brianthursday afternoon198511degegcd 64
eno, brianshutov assembly199211dopal/warner9 45010-2
eno, briannerve net199211dopal/warner9 45033-2
eno, briananother day on earth200511dopal/hannibalhncd1475
eno, brian & david byrnemy life in the bush of ghosts198111dsire6093-2
eno, brian & john calewrong way up199011dopal/warner9 26421-2
eno, rogerthe flatlands1994/200611dhannibalhncd 1518
eno moebius roedeliusafter the heat1978/200511dwaterwater162
eno moebius roedelius plankbegegnungen198411dwaterwater163
eno moebius roedelius plankbegegnungen ii198511dwaterwater164
enyawatermark198811dreprise9 26774-2143249
erasurethe circus198711dsire9 25554-2
erasurewild198911dsire9 26026-2
erasurepop! - the first 20 hits199211dsire/reprise9 45153-2100328
eshbach, benbells through the leaves201811dbandcamp
esquivelspace-age bachelor pad music196711dbar/noneahaon-043
eurythmicsgreatest hits199111dbmgpd74856
everly brothers, the1957-1962198711dtime-life2rnr-09
everything but the girlwalking wounded199611datlantic82912-2
fagen, donaldthe nightfly198211dwarner9 23696-2
falcojunge roemer1984/198611deast west2292-44363-2
falkner, jasonpresents author unknown199611delektra61941-2
falkner, jasoncan you still feel?199911delektra62205-2
falkner, jasonbedtime with the beatles200111dsonylk 85860
falkner, jasonnecessity: the 4-track years200111dspinartspart 90
falkner, jasonbliss descending200311dwreckchord
falkner, jasoni'm ok... you're ok200711dbad news/nmrbncp-141
falkner, jasonbedtime with the beatles part two200811arecord collectionadm 101032
falkner, jasonall quiet on the noise floor200911dnoise floor mccartneybncp-167
faraquetthe view from this tower200011ddischorddis 122 cd
faraquetanthology 1997-98200811ddischorddis159cd
fast times at ridgmont highsoundtrack198211dfullmoon60158-2
feederzteachers in space198611dbroken rekidsskip 97
feelies, thecrazy rhythms1980/200911dbar/nonebrncd196
ferry, bryanboys and girls198511dwarner/eg9 25082-2
ferry, bryanbete noire198711dvirginferrycd7 7243 8 47710 2 7
fetchin' bonescabin flounder198511ddbdb77
fetchin' bonesbad pumpkin (plus 688 presents)198611dhome
fetchin' bonesgalaxy 500198811dcapitolcdp 7 46953 2
fetchin' bonesmonster198912dcapitolcdp 590661
fetchin' bonesdead band rockin200721cd/dvddsnickerbushaamc-a005
fetchin' bonessons of dinosaurs - the lost demos202011cd5dbandcamp
fetters, roblefty loose - righty tight199811dbaby ranchbr2222
fetters, robmusician200511dbaby ranchbr2229
fetters, robsaint aint201411dbandcamp
fetters, robship shake202011dbandcamp
finn brothersfinn brothers199511ddiscovery77043
finn brothersfinn brothers (minus)199511dhome
finn brotherseveryone is here200411dnettwerk0 6700 30376 2 4
finn, neiltry whistling this199811dworkok 69372
firehoseragin', full-on198611dsstsst cd 079
firehoseif'n198711dsstsst cd 115
firehosesometimes198811dsstsst cd 131
firehosefromohio198911dsstsst cd 235
firehoseflyin' the flannel199111dcolumbiack 47839
firehosemr. machinery operator199311dcolumbiack 53208
fixx, thewalkabout198611dmcamcad-5705
fixx, theone thing leads to another - greatest hits198911dmcamcad-42316
fleetwood macfleetwood mac197511dreprise2281-2
fleetwood macrumours197711dwarner3010-2124025
fleetwood mactusk197911dwarner3350-2
fleetwood macgreatest hits198811dwarner9 25801-2100796
fluid, thepurplemetalflakemusic199311dhollywoodhr-61445-2
flying burrito brothers, thegilded palace of sin/burrito deluxe1968/1969/199711da&m540 704-2
flying lizards, thethe flying lizards1979/199511dvirginvjcp-17501
flying lizards, thefourth wall1981/199511dvirginvjcp-17502
flying lizards, thetop ten198411dstatikcdst 20
foehl, reed mcgregorleo's song1995/200011dr.m.f.
foehl, reedspark200211dplanet
foehl, reedspark200411dneverhoehlrf7422
foehl, reedstoned beautiful200711dred parlorrprf0704
fogelberg, dansouvenirs197411afull moon/epicek 33137
fool's progressfool's progress199711dcapricorn314 534 659-2
foreignerdouble vision197811datlantic82797-2111322
foreignerhead games197911datlantic82799-2111323
forster, robertdanger in the past199111dbeggars banquet3028-2-h
forster, robertcalling from a country phone199311dbeggars banquetbbq cd 133
forster, roberti had a new york girlfriend199411dbeggars banquet92482-2
forster, robertwarm nights199611dbeggars banquetbegl 185 cd
forster, robertcryin' love199611cd5 mp3demusic
forster, robertthe evalngelist200811dyep rocyep 2186
forster, robertsongs to play201511dtapetetr324cd
frentemarvin the album199412amammoth92390-2
freshly wrapped candiesdark side of the white christmas thriller198711dbandcamp
freshly wrapped candiesi like you198911dralph/t.e.c. tonesrr 8954-2
freshly wrapped candiesthree things at once199211dbandcamp
fripp, robert & brian eno(no pussyfooting)1973/198911deditions egeegcd 2
fripp & enoevening star1975/198911deditions egeegcd 3
fripp & enoequatorial stars200411dopaldgm0550
fripp, robertexposure197911degegcd41
fripp, robertlet the power fall198111deditions egeegcd 10
fripp, robert & league of gentlemengod save the king198511deditions egeegcd9
fripp, robert & league of crafty guitaristsshow of hands199111deditions egeeg2102-2
frith, fredgravity1980/199011deast side digitalesd 80452
frith, fredspeechless198111dg&p
frith, fredcheap at half the price198311deast side digitalesd 80572
from good homeshick-pop comin' at ya!199311dgrrrrrrrrr
from good homesopen up the sky199511drca07863 66438-2
from good homesfrom good homes199811drca07863 67577-2
fun boy 3best of198411dchrysalisf2 21469 didx 5056
fur for fairiesfur for fairies201511dbandcamp
fuzz dance(part of affordable world/history kicks you)198500dhome
gabriel, peterrevisited199211datlantic7 82429-2
gabriel, petermelting face198011dgeffen2035-2
gabriel, petermelting face (ein deutsches)1980/198711dcharismaxcdscd 4019
gabriel, petersecurity198211dgeffen2011-2
gabriel, petersecurity (ein deutsches)1982/198711dcharismaxpgcd 4
gabriel, peterso198611ageffen9 24088-2
gabriel, peterus199211ageffengefd 24473
gabriel, peterscratch my back201011areal world
game theoryblaze of glory1982/201411domnivoreovcd-96
game theorydistortion of glory198411daliasa-048
game theorydead center1984/201411domnivoreovcd-103
game theoryreal nighttime198511drestless7 72022-2
game theoryreal nighttime1985/201511domnivoreovcd-115
game theorylive in atlanta '84200011dbangkok2000
game theorythe big shot chronicles198611daliasa-046
game theorythe big shot chronicles1986/201611domnivoreovcd-174
game theorylolita nation198711denigmacde-73280
game theorylolita nation1987/201621domnivoreovcd-136
game theorytwo steps from the middle ages198811denigma7 73350-2
game theorytwo steps from the middle ages1988/201711domnivoreovcd-204
game theorysupercalifragile201711dbandcamp
game theoryacross the barrier of sound: postscript202011domnivoreovcd-362
gahan, davepaper monsters200311dmute/reprise48471-2
gahan, davehourglass200721cd/dvddmutexlcdstumm288
geldof, bobdeep in the heart of nowhere198612datlantic7 81687-2
geldof, bobthe vegetarians of love199011datlantic7 82041-2
geldof, bobthe happy club199211dpolydor314 519 132-2
geldof, bobsex, age & death200211dkochkoc-cd-8415
geldof, bobhow to compose popular songs that will sell201111dmercuryfonint4562
geller, kiarakiara geller200411dtallboytb0105
general publicall the rage198411dirscd 75046 didx 137102666
genesisabacab198111datlantic19313-2 800044-2
genesisgenesis198311datlantic7 80116-2
genesisturn it on again - the hits199911datlantic83244-2132606
gentle persuasioncarmel by the sea198711dcamcoscd 4532
gentle persuasiona sun filled stream198711dcamcoscd 4535
gershwin, georgegreatest hits1969/198411dcbs masterworksmlk 39454
gilbert & sullivangreatest hits200411adeccab0002340-02
gillespie, johneternal summer200611mp3dcdbaby
gillespie, johnfalse idols200711d
gillespie, johnalways falling200811mp3dcdbaby
gin blossomsnew miserable experience199211aa&m75021 5403 2124884
gin blossomscongratulations i'm sorry199611aa&m31454 0469 2111731
glove, theblue sunshine1983/200611dwonderland/rhinor2 74752
go-betweens, the78 'til 79 the lost album1978/199911djetsettwa019cd
go-betweens, thesend me a lullaby1981/199611dbeggars banquetbbl 2001 cd
go-betweens, thespring hill fair198411dbeggars banquetbbl 2003 cd
go-betweens, thebefore hollywood198211drough tradeuk: rough lcd 54
go-betweens, thepeel sessions1984/198911dstrange fruitdei8339-2
go-betweens, theliberty belle & the black diamond express198511dbeggars banquetbbl 72cd
go-betweens, thetallulah198711dbeggars banquetbbl 81 cd
go-betweens, the16 lovers lane198811dbeggars banquetbbl 95 cd
go-betweens, the1978-1990199011dcapitolcdp 7 94681 2
go-betweens, thethe friends of rachel worth200011djetsettwa31cd
go-betweens, thebright yellow bright orange200211djetsettwa58cd
go-betweens, theoceans apart200511dyep rocpromo
go-betweens, thethat striped sunlight sound200621cd/dvddyep roc2081
goblin market, theghostland200011dcamera obscuracam041cd
goblin market, thehaunted200511dcamera obscuracam073cd
goblin market, thebeneath far gondal's foreign sky201211dbandcamp
go-go's, thecollection200011da&m069-490-617-2
grays, thero sham bo199411depicek 53773
greasesoundtrack197811dpolydor825 095-2135125
green pajamas, thesummer of lust1984/201211dbandcamp
green pajamas, thehappy halloween1984/201411dgreen monkeygm1026
green pajamas, thecomplete book of hours198711dbandcamp
green pajamas, thenovember1988/201311dbandcamp
green pajamas, thenovember original mixes1988/201311mp3d
green pajamas, theghosts of love1989/200011dget hipgh-1090cd
green pajamas, theindian winter199711dgreen monkeygh-1059 cd
green pajamas, thestrung behind the sun199711dcamera obscuracam005cd
green pajamas, thestrung out199811cd5dcamera obscuracam014cd
green pajamas, theall clues lead to meagan's bed199811dcamera obscura
green pajamas, theseven fathoms down and falling199911drubicrub 03
green pajamas, thecarolers' song e.p.200011cd5dgreen monkeygm 042
green pajamas, thein a glass darkly200111cd5dhidden agendaaha!023
green pajamas, thethis is where we disappear200111dworonzowrub29
green pajamas, thenorthern gothic200211dcamera obscuracam045cd
green pajamas, thenarcotic kisses200211dcamera obscuracam052cd
green pajamas, theif she only knew200211cd5dlunaluna54/mwr25
green pajamas, theten white stones200411dhidden agendaaha!072
green pajamas, the21st century seance200511dhidden agendaaha!077
green pajamas, thethe night races into anna200611dhidden agendaaha!085
green pajamas, thebox of secrets: northern gothic season two200711dhidden agendaaha!086
green pajamas, thehidden minutes200911mp3demusic
green pajamas, thepoison in the russian room200911dhidden agendaaha!093
green pajamas, theedge of the night - unreleased vol. 1201011dbandcamp/green monkey
green pajamas, thered, red rose201011cd5dbandcamp
green pajamas, thedeath by misadventure201211dbandcamp
green pajamas, thegreen pajama country201211dbandcamp
green pajamas, theessence of carol2003/201311epdbandcamp
green pajamas, theyou can't look (rolled into death by misadventure)201311cd5dgreen monkeypurchased online
green pajamas, theradio remixes2013/201511epdbandcamp
green pajamas, theif you knew what i dreamed201611dbandcamp
green pajamas, thephantom lake: northern gothic 3201811dbandcamp
griffin, sidlittle victories199711dcountry-townctm1010
griffith, john thomasson of an engineer198811drailroadcd 1001
grovermy wild life199511dzero hourzh 1100-2
guadalcanal diarywalking in the shadow of the big man198512delektra9 60429-2
guadalcanal diarywalking in the shadow of the big man limited #2183/25001983/1984/200311drhino handmaderhm2 7841
guadalcanal diarywalking in the shadow of the big man / jamboree1985/1986/200311dcollectablescol-cd-7486
guadalcanal diaryjamboree (plus father's house)198611dhome
guadalcanal diary2x4198711delektra9 60752-2
guadalcanal diary2x4 limited #0111/25001987/200411drhino handmaderhm2 7873
guadalcanal diaryflip-flop198911delektra9 60848-2
guadalcanal diaryat your birthday party199811dguadco
guess who, thegreatest hits198811arca3746-2-r134186
gutterballgutterball199311dmute9 61510-2
gutterballweasel199511dbrake outout 119-2
gutterballturnyor hedinkov199511mp3demusic
haack, bruceelectric lucifer1970/200711domni110
haack, bruceelectric lucifer book 21979/200111dqdk mediacd 037
haack, brucehush little robot199811dqdkcd 032
haack, brucelisten compute rock home: the best of dimension 5199911demperor norton7021
hall & oatesgreatest hits rock 'n soul part 1198311drcapcd1-4858
hall & oatesooh yeah!198811daristaarcd-8539143236
hall & oatesvery best of200811drca88697 32868 2
hanna-barberacartoon sound fx199411drhinor2 71827
heartdreamboat annie197611dcapitol164175
heartgreatest hits199811depic/legacyek 69015126375
heavy metalsoundtrack198111dfull moon/elektra60691-2116490
helio sequence, thecom plex200011dcavity searchcsr 41
helio sequence, theyoung effectuals200111dcavity searchcsr 56
helio sequence, thelove and distance200411dsub popspcd 633
helio sequence, thekeep your eyes ahead200811dsub popspcd 709
helio sequence, thekeep your eyes ahead deluxe2008/201811dbandcamp
helio sequence, theb-sides and outtakes200811cd5dsub pop
helio sequence, thenegotiations201211dsub popsp 910
helio sequence, theaces (negotiations quad)201211dsub pop
helio sequence, thesunrise demos deluxe2014/202011dbandcamp
helio sequence, thehelio sequence201511dbandcamp
helio sequence, theacoustic live at the triple door202011dbandcamp
herman, woodythe thundering herds 1945-7198811dcolumbiack 44108122093
hexhex198911dfirst warningfw 001-2
hexvast halos199011drykodiscrcd 10186
hiatt, johnperfectly good guitar199311aa&m31454 0135 2110306
hoffman, laurenmegiddo199711dvirgin7087 6 12254 2 6
hollies, theon a carousel 1963-74 - ultimate200611dravenrvcd-240
holly, buddygreatest hits199511dmcamcad-11536115970
holly, buddymemorial collection200831dgeffen/deccab0011337-02
hollyfaithpurrrr199311depicek 53322
holsapple, peter & chris stameymavericks199111drnar2 70795
holsapple, peter & chris stameyhere and now200911dbar nonebrn-cd-190
holsapple, peter & chris stameyour back pages202011mp3domnivore
holsapple, peterout of my way199711dmonkey hillmon 8135-2
holsapple, petergame day201811domnivoreovcd-291
honeydrippers, thevolume one198411cd5des paranza90220
hot hot heatknock knock knock200211cd5dsub popspcd 594
hot hot heatmake up the breakdown200211dsub popspcd 599
housemartins, thelondon 0 hull 4198611delektra9 60501-2
housemartins, thethe people who grinned themselves to death198711delektra9 60761-2
housemartins, thenow that's what I call quite good198711dgo!828 344-2
human league, thereproduction197911dvirgincdv 2133
human league, thetravelogue198011dvirgincdv 2160
human league, thedare1981/198311dvirgincdv 2192 0777 7 86472 2 5
human league, thelove & dancing (league unlimited orchestra)198211da&mcd 3209
human league, thehysteria198411dvirgincdv 2315
human league, thecrash198611da&mcd 5129 dx 793
human league, thegreatest hits198811dvirgincd 5227 dx 003785102670
human league, theromantic199011dvirgin75021 5316 2
human league, theoctopus199511deastwest61788-2108605
human league, thesecrets200111dpapillonbtflycd0019
human league, thecredo201111dmb3009
human sexual responsefig. 15198011deatcd2
husker duflip your wig198511dsstcd-055
hyra, andrew & matt brownsolo volume one199311dsister rubysis 008
indigo girlsstrange fire (original release)198711dhome
indigo girlsstrange fire198711depicek 45427
indigo girlsindigo girls198911aepicek 45044
indigo girlsnomads indians saints199011depicek 46820
indigo girlsrites of passage199211depicek 48865
indigo girlsswamp ophelia199411depicek 57621
indigo girlsshaming of the sun199711depicek 67891121823
inxsbest of200211datlantic/rhinor2 78251
j. geils band, thefreeze frame198111demi101965
jack frostjack frost199111daristaarcd-8667
jack frostsnow job199611dbeggars banquetbegl 183 cd
jackson, joelook sharp!197911da&mcd-3187125192
jam, theall mod cons197811dpolydor823 282-2
jam, thedig the new breed198211dpolydor810 041-2
jam, thegreatest hits199111dpolydor849 554-2102214
jane's addictionritual de lo habitual199012dwarner9 26223-2110020
jayhawks, thethe bunkhouse album198611dlost highwayb0014270-02
jayhawks, theblue earth198911dtwin/tonettr 89151-2
jayhawks, thehollywood town hall199211ddef american9 26829-2111636
jayhawks, thetomorrow the green grass199511damerican9 43006-2
jayhawks, thesound of lies199711damerican9 43114-2118235
jayhawks, thesmile200011dcolumbiack 69522
jayhawks, therainy day music200321damericanb0000080-02
jayhawks, themockingbird time201111drounderh661-9113-2
jayhawks, thepaging mr. proust201611dshamcd-102
jesus jonesliquidizer198911dsbkcdp-94480
jesus jonesdoubt199111dsbkk2-95715144654
jesus jonesperverse199311dsbk0777 7 80647 2 5
jesus joneslondon200111dkochkoc-cd-8282
jethro tullaqualung197311dchrysalisvk 41044 didx 68124705
jethro tullthick as a brick1972/198511dchrysalisvk 41003 didx 401101023
jethro tullminstrel in the gallery197511dchrysalisvk 41082 didx 2079
jewelpieces of you199411datlantic82700-2103972
jinns, thethe jinns198911dtuskotkm-777
jody grind, theone man's trash is another man's treasure199011ddbdb 96
jody grind, thelefty's deceiver1992/199711ddbdbr 4525-2
joel, billystranger197711acolumbiack 34987
joel, billy52nd street197811acbsck 35609121866
joel, billyglass houses198011acolumbiack 36384
joel, billygreatest hits vol i && ii198521dcolumbiag2k 40121
john, eltonelton john1970/199511drocket314-528 156-2111938
john, eltongoodbye yellow brick road197311dpolydor821 747-2103076
john, eltongreatest hits i197411dpolydor314 512 532-2103077
john, eltonblue moves197621dmcamcad2-11667
john, eltongreatest hits ii1977/199211dpolydor314 512 533-2103078
john, eltongreatest hits ii (plus)1977/199211dhome
john, eltongreatest hits iii198711dgeffen9 24153-2134463
johns, evan & his h-bombsrollin' through the night1982/199311dalternative tentaclesvirus 47cd
johns, evan & his h-bombsbombs away198911drykodiscrcd 10117
johns, evan & his h-bombsrockit fuel only199111drykodiscrcd 10168
jones, howardhuman's lib198411delektra9 60346-2 / wea: 2 40335-2
jones, howarddream into action198511delektra9 60390-2 / wea: 240 632-2
jones, howardone to one198611delektra9 60499-2
jones, howardcross that line198911delektra9 60794-2
jones, howardin the running199211delektra9 61135-2
jones, howardpeople199811dark 2161868 10031 2 0
jones, howardtomorrow is now199811cd5ddtoxcd4
journeyinfinity1978/199611dcolumbiack 67725122198
journeyevolution1979/200611dcolumbia/legacy82876 85891 2168373
journeydeparture1980/200611dcolumbia/legacy88697 00119 2168375
journeyescape1981/199611dcolumbiack 67722111232
journeyfrontiers1981/199611dcolumbia/legacy82876 85895 2
jupiter affectjupiter affect199811cd5daerial flipoutaf-0008-2
jupiter affectinstructions for the two ways of becoming alice200011deggberter 80028
jupiter affectthe restoration of culture after genghis khan200311dorange sky
kansaspoint of know return197711dkirshnerzk 34929111265
kc & sunshine bandbest of198011drhinor2 70940111054
kelly, jefftwentyfive1991/201511dbandcamp
kelly, jeffash wednesday rain199511dgreen monkeygmr040
kelly, jeffa whisper of rain1991-6/201511dbandcamp
kelly, jeffof wine and tears1991-6/201511dbandcamp
kelly, jeffmelancholy sun199941dcamera obscuracam025cd-cam028cd
kelly, jeffindiscretion200111dhidden agendaaha!026
kelly, jefffor the swan in the hallway200411dhidden agendaaha!065
kelly, jeffthis haunted hill202011dbandcamp
kelly, jeff & susanneby reckless moonlight201411dgreen monkeygm1025
kilbey, stevethe slow crack1987/198911drough traderough us 70 cd
kilbey, steveunearthed198711denigmacde-73297
kilbey, steveearthed198811drykodiscrcd 90043
kilbey, steveremindlessness199011dred eyered cd 11 843 534-3
kilbey, stevenarcosis plus1992/199711dvicious sloth collectablesvsc-005
kilbey, steve & russellgilt trip199711dvicious sloth collectablesvsc004
kilbey, steveacoustic and intimate200011dkarmic hitkh007
kilbey, stevedabble200111dkarmic hitkh009
kilbey, stevefreaky conclusions200311dkarmic hitkh015
king crimsondiscipline198111degegcd 49
king crimsonbeat198211degegcd 51
king crimsonthree of a perfect pair198411degegcd 55
king crimsonframe by frame box199141dvirginkc box 1 a-d
king crimsonvrooom199411ddisciplinedr 9401 2
king crimsonthrack199411dvirgin7243 8 40313 2 9
kinks, thethe kink kontroversy1965/200111dsanctuary06076 84516-2
kinks, theface to face1966/199811dessentialesm cd 479 gsa 0000479esm
kinks, thesomething else1967/199811dessentialesm cd 480 gsa 0000480esm
kinks, thevillage green preservation society1968/199811dessentialesm cd 481 gsa 0000481esm
kinks, thearthur or the decline and fall of the british empire1969/199811dessentialesm cd 511 gsa 0000511esm
kinks, thelola versus powerman and the moneyground part one197011dreprise6423-2
kinks, themuswell hillbillies1971/199811dkonk/velvel63467-79719-2145577
kinks, thekink kronikles197221dreprisew2 6454
kinks, thegreat lost kinks album1973/199611dreprisems 2127
kinks, thepreservation act 11973/199811dkonk/velvel63467-79721-2
kinks, thesoap opera197511dkonk/velvel63467-79723-2
kinks, thesleepwalker197711daristaarcd 8068
kinks, themisfits197811darista260 173
kinks, thelow budget197911dkonk/velvel63467-79727-2
kinks, theone for the road198011daristaarcd-8041
kinks, theone for the road (plus ecd)198021dkonk/velvel63467-79728-2
kinks, thegive the people what they want198111dkonk/velvel63467-79730-2
kinks, thestate of confusion198311daristaarcd 8018
kinks, theword of mouth198411daristaarcd 8264
kinks, thecome dancing - the best of 1977-1986198611daristaa2cd 8428
kinks, thethink visual198611dmcamcad-5822
kinks, theuk jive198911dmcamcad-6337173456
kinks, thephobia199311dcolumbiack 48724
kinks, theto the bone199621dguardian7243 8 37303 2 2
kinney, kevnmacdougal blues199011disland422-842 319-2
kissing the pinknaked198311dhome
kissing the pinknaked1983/200611dwounded birdwou 8080
kitaroastral voyage197811dgeffen9 24082-2
kitarooasis197911dcanyonkuckuck cd 053
kitarosilk road suite1980/199611ddomo71052-2
kitaroki198111dcanyonkuckuck 11057-2
kitarosilver cloud198311dgeffen9 24086-2
kitarotenku198611dgeffen9 24112-2
kitarolight of the spirit198711dgeffen9 24163-2
kitarokojiki199011dgeffen9 24255-2
knitters, thepoor little critter on the road1985/199311dslash25310-2
knitters, thethe modern sounds of200511dzoe01143-1057-2
koppes, petermanchild & myth198811drykodiscrcd 20046
kottke, leoessential199111dchrysalisf2 21852102233
kraftwerkkraftwerk197111dcrowncr 0423
kraftwerkkraftwerk 2197211dcrowncr 0424
kraftwerkralf & florian197311dcrowncr 0425
kraftwerkradio-activity197511delektra9 25326-2
kraftwerktrans europe express197711dcapitol7243 5 81685 2 5
kraftwerkthe man machine197811dcapitol7243 5 81686 2 4
kraftwerkcomputer world198111delektra9 3549-2
kraftwerkelectric cafe198611dwarner9 25525-2
kraftwerktour de france soundtracks200311demi591 710 2
krall, dianalove scenes199711dimpulseimpd-233
kronos quartetwhite man sleeps198711delektra nonesuch9 79163-2
kronos quartetblank angels199011delektra nonesuch9 79242-2162287
kronos quartetpieces of africa199211delektra nonesuch9 79275-2110472
la's, thethe la's199011dgo! london828 202-2
lanois, danielacadie198911dopal/warner9 25969-2
lanois, danielfor the beauty of wynona199311dwarner9 45030-2
lanois, danielshine200311danti86661-2
laraajiday of radiance198011degeegcd 19
laserlight101 digital sound effects - hilarious comical effects199311ddelta12 143
last chance runaroundalter idem200911dsenile
lava lovewhole lava love199011dsky7-2003-2
lava loveaphrodisia199212dsky7-5070-2
leblanc, freddammit199511d
leblanc, fredplaying the game of my life199811d
led zeppeliniii197011datlanticsd 19128-2
led zeppelinbox1199041datlantic7 82144-2217006
led zeppelinbox2199321datlantic7 82477-2207102
led zeppelinhow the west was won200331datlantic83587-2
led zeppelincelebration day201221datlantic532631-r2
lee, jackgreatest hits vol. 1 (on that's totally pop, with nerves and plimsouls)1981/199200drevengemig 46 wm 321 842612
lemonheads, theit's a shame about ray199211datlantic7 82460-2101240
lemonheads, thecome on feel199311datlantic82537-2
lennon, john & yoko onodouble fantasy198011dcapitol100333
lennon, johncollection198911dcapitolcdp 7 91516 2173627
leonhardt, gustavj.s. bach198511dphilips416 141-2
let's activecypress/afoot198411dirscd 70056
let's activebig plans for everybody198611dirsirsd-5703 jvc-498
let's activeevery dog has his day198912dirsirsd-42151
let's activeevery word: a tribute to let's active200311dlaughing outlawolrcd-061
levellersa weapon called the word199011ajrs/musidisc7 3333 35823-2
levellerslevelling the land199212delektra/china9 61325-2
lightfoot, gordongord's gold197511dreprise2237-2224008
limeliters, thetonight: in person1961/198911dbmg2272-2-r
limeliters, thethrough children's eyes1962/199811dbrass dolphinbd2183cd
lions & ghostsvelvet kiss, lick of the lime198711demicdp 7 46959 2
lions & ghostswild garden198911demicdp-7-90259-2
liquid generationquarter to zen1984/201611dbandcamp
little river bandgreatest hits198211dcapitolcdp 7 46021 2100274
lmnopearlynop:the first two albums1983/1982/200011dbaby suebbs 556
lmnopelemen opee elpee / pony1986/198811dhome
lmnopelemen opee elpee1986/201411dbandcamp
lmnopnumbles1990/200011dbaby suebbs 556
lmnopmnemonic pony1993/198811dbaby suebbs 557
lmnopthe tiny cupcake dilemma199411dbaby suebbs 558
lmnopcamera-sized life199411dbaby suebbs 661
lmnoppound199711dbaby suebbs 662
lmnopwhatnop donw7202111dbandcamp
long ryders, thenative sons/10-5-60198411dfrontier4606-2-l
long ryders, thestate of our union198511dprimasid003
long ryders, thetwo fisted tales198711disland422-842 864-2
long ryders, thetwo fisted tales deluxe1987/199611dprimasid005
long ryders, theend of the trail198711dmassive attackma 990129
long ryders, the3 minute warnings (dupe of end of the trail)200311dprimasid015
long ryders, thebbc radio one1987/199411dwindsongwincd 058
long ryders, themetallic b.o.198811dprimasid001
long ryders, theanthology199821dchronicles314 558 280-2
long ryders, thepsychedelic country soul201911domnivoreovcd-326
lord of the rings, thethe return of the king soundtrack200311dreprise48521-2
lost weekendthe art of wasting time200411dturtle's pace
loud family, theplants and birds and rocks and things199311daliasa033-d
loud family, theslouching towards liverpool199311daliasa-055
loud family, thethe tape of only linda199411daliasa-060
loud family, theinterbabe concern199611daliasa-098
loud family, thethe tape of only loud fans (various)199611d
loud family, thedays for days199811daliasa-131
loud family, theattractive nuisance200011dalias
loud family, thefrom ritual to romance200211d125 records125-005
loud family, the and anton barbeauwhat if it works?200611d125 records125-013
love and rocketsearth sun moon198711abig time6058-2-b102678
love and rocketslove and rockets198911dbmg9715-2-r
love tractorlove tractor & 'til the cows come home198111ddbdb 60
love tractoraround the bend198311ddbdb 67
love tractorthis ain't no outerspace ship198611dbig time6015-2-b
love tractorthemes from venus198811ddbdb92
love tractorthe sky at night200111drazor & tie7930182861-2
loverboyclassics199411dcolumbia/legacyck 66648
lovin' miseryshappy as hell199611dbandcamp
lowe, nickjesus of cool1978/198911ddemonfiend cd 131
lowe, nickpure pop for now people197811dcolumbiack 35329
lowe, nicklabour of lust197911dcolumbiack 36087
lowe, nicknick the knife198211dcolumbiack 37932
lowe, nickand his cowboy outfit1984/199011ddemonfiend cd 185
lowe, nick16 all time lowes198511ddemonfiend cd 20
lowe, nickrose of england1985/198811ddemonfiend cd 73
lowe, nickpinker and prouder than previous198811ddemonfiend cd 99
lowe, nickparty of one199011dreprisew2-26132
lowe, nickthe wilderness years199111ddemonfiend cd 203
lowe, nickimpossible bird199411dupstart013
lowe, nickdig my mood199811dupstart038
lowe, nickthe convincer200111dyep rocyep2027
lowe, nickat my age200711dyep rocyep2102
lucy show, theundone198511dwordswm28
lucy show, themania (part of rebel shoes)198700dhome
lucy show, themania198711dbig time6012-2-B
lucy show, themania1987/200511dwords musicwm18
lucy show, theremembrances201111dwordswm23
lynne, jeffarmchair theatre199011dreprise9 26184-2
macisaac, ashleyhi how are you today?199511da&m31454 0522 2
madnesstotal - very best of199711dgeffengefd-25145121418
malone, michellenew experience198811daluminum jane/daemoncd001
malone, michelle and drag the riverrelentless199011daristaarcd-8630
malone, michelle and drag the riverlive - building fires over atlanta199111daristaascd-2155
malone, michellea swingin christmas in the attic199611dstrange bird songssbs 003missing 2004-07-04
malone, michellefor you not them199311dsister rubysis 005
malone, michellebeneath the devil moon199711dvelvelvel 79703
malone, michellelucky to be live199811dkochkoc-cd-8089
malone, michellehomegrown199911dstrange bird songscd sbs 004
malone, michellehello out there200111dsbssbs007
malone, michelle and the low-down georgia revuestompin' ground200311ddaemondam19039
malone, michellesugarfoot200611dsbs2-vlt-15208
malone, michelledebris200911dsbssbs20093
mamas and the papas, theif you can believe your eyes and ears196611dmcamcad-31042
mamas and the papas, thegreatest hits199811dmcamcad-11740122432
mamas and the papas, theall the leaves are brown200121dmca088 122 653-2
mars, chrishorseshooes and hand grenades199211dsmash314 513 198-2
mars, chris75% less fat199311dsmash162-888 004-2
mars, christenterhooks199511dbar/noneahaon-052
mars, chrisanonymous botch199611dbar/noneahaon-085
material issueinternational pop overthrow199111dmercury848 155-2
material issuedestination universe199211dmercury314 512 333-2
material issuefreak city soundtrack199411amercury314 518 894-2
material issuegoin' through your purse - live in chicago199411dmercury856 083-2
material issuetelecommando americano199711drykodiscrcd 10384
mazzy starshe hangs brightly199011dcapitolcdp 7 96508 2
mazzy starso tonight that i might see199311dcapitolcdp-98253
mazzy staramong my swan199611dcapitolcdp 7243 8 27224 2 7116249
mazzy starseasons of your day201311drhymes003
mccartney, paulwingspan: hits and history200121dcapitolcdp 7243 5 32946 2 5
mcculloch, iancandleland198911dsire/reprise9 26012-2162220
mcculloch, ianmysterio199211dsire/reprise9 26684-2
mcculloch, ianslideling200311dcooking vinyl/spinartspart 123
mchugh, gerardmore than i199212ddaemon7-5052-2
mchugh, gerardyard sale199411d
mchugh, gerardtales of madness and horror200111ddaemondam 19033
mclennan, g.w.watershed199111dbeggars banquet3160-2-h
mclennan, g.w.fireboy199311dbeggars banquet92387-2
mclennan, granthorsebreaker star (usa)199411dbeggars banquet92505-2
mclennan, granthorsebreaker star (eur)199421dbeggars banquetbbqcd 162
mclennan, grantin your bright ray199711dbeggars banquetbbq cd 192
meat loafbat out of hell197711depicek 34974
mecostar wars and other galactic funk1977/199911dhip-ohipd-40171
medicationsyour favorite people all in one place200511ddischorddis149cd
medicationslive at schubas 2005-05-23200511mp3demusic
medicationscompletely removed201011ddischorddis165cd
mellencamp, johnbest that i could do 1978-1988199711dmercury314 536 738-2
men at workcontraband: best of199611dcolumbiack 64791
men without hatsrhythm of youth201011dbulldogdog-1007
men without hatssafety dance uk remix199411deams2305-2
method actors, thethis is still it201011dacuteacu012
midnight oildiesel and dust198611dcolumbiack 40967
midnight oilblue sky mining199011dcolumbiack 45398
mighty blue kings, themeet me in uptown199611dr-jayrjr 2662
mighty blue kings, thecome one, come all199711dr-jayrjr2663
mighty lemon drops, thehappy head / out of hand198611dsire9 25788-2
mighty lemon drops, theworld without end198811dsire/reprisew2 25701
mighty lemon drops, thelaughter198911dsire/reprise9 26017-2
mighty lemon drops, thesound...199111dsire/reprise9 26512-2
mighty lemon drops, thericochet199211dsire/reprise9 26993-2
mighty lemon drops, thebest of200211dcherry redcdm red 214
miller band, stevefly like an eagle197611dcapitol102018
miller band, stevebook of dreams197711dcapitol102017
miller, glennpopularo recordings 1938-1942198931dbluebird9785-2-rb
miller orchestra, glennin the digital mood (gold)1983/199111dgrpgrd-2004
milltown brothersslinky199111dam75021 5346 2 a&m: 75021 5346 2
minutemendouble nickels on the dime198911dsstsst cd 028
missing personsspring session m198211done ways21-18499
missing personsbest of198711dcapitolcdp 7 46628 2 (didx 1279)101799
modern englishafter the snow198311dsire9 23821-2
modern englishpillow lips199011dtvt12810-2
moebius plank neumeierzero set198311dgyroscopegyr 6631-2
monk, theloniousbest of199111dblue note101187
monkees, thethe monkees (laurie house)197611dhome
monkees, thethen & now - the best of198611daristaa2cd 8432
monkees, thegreatest hits199511drhinor2 72190104268
monkees, thelisten to the band199141drhinor2 70566
monkees, thehere no evil - a tribute to the monkees199212dlong playlp23
monks of doomsoundtrack to the film breakfast on the beach of deception198811dirs0777 7 13213 20
monks of doomthe cosmodemonic telegraph company198911dpitch-a-tent/rough tradepitch 13
monks of doommeridian199111dbaited breath004
monks of doomforgery199211dirsx2 0777 7 13163 2 6
monks of doomthe insect god199211cd5dc/zcz047
monks of doomwhat's left for kicks?200611dmagneticmag 0026
monochrome set, theindependent singles collection200811dcherry redcdmred 350
monochrome set, thetomorrow will be too long - best of1980/199511dcaroline1252-2
moody blues, thegreatest hits198912dthreshold/polydor840659-2134284
moody blues, thethe best of199611dpolydor31453 5800-2
moore, r. steviemeet the200811dbandcamp
moore, r. stevie & jason falknermake it be201711dbandcamp
morrison, vanbest of199011dpolydor841 970-2
moschitta, john mighty mouth10 classics in 10 minutes200411cd/bookdbarnes&noble
moschitta, john mighty mouth10 minute university200411cd/bookdbarnes&noble
mould, bobbob mould199611drykodiscrcd 10342
mould, bobworkbook 25201421domnivoreovcd-36
mozart, wolfgang a.eine kleine nachtmusik : neville marriner198811dmusical heritage societymhs 11247z
mozart effect, themusic for babies - nighty night200011ychildren's groupus 84331-2
mozart effect, themusic for babies - from playtime to sleepytime1998/200111ychildren's groupus 84306-2
mozart effect, themusic for newborns - a bright beginning200011ychildren's groupus 84345-2
mozart effect, themusic for newborns - colorado bright beginnings sampler200211ychildren's groupus 84308-2
mumpsrock & roll this, rock & roll that: best case scenario you've got mumps202111domnivoreovcd-417
murphy, petershould the world fail to fall apart198611dbeggars banquetbbl 69 cd
murphy, peterlove hysteria198811dbeggars banquet7634-2-h
murphy, peterdeep198911dbeggars banquet9877-2-h
murphy, peterholy smoke199211dbeggars banquetbeg 07863 66007-2
murphy, petercascade199511dbeggars banquet92541-2108373
my bloody valentineloveless199111dsire/warner9 26759-2
native birdsongnew zealand forest birds and bird chorus199611dkmp musickcd373
nazarethhair of the dog197511da&mcd-3225150392
nerves, thethe nerves (on that's totally pop, with jack lee and plimsouls)1976/199211drevengemig 46 wm 321 842612
nerves, thethe nerves (part of arrive without travelling)197600dhome
nerves, theone way ticket200811dalive0090-2
new cars, theit's alive200611deleven seven
newton-john, oliviamagic: the very best of200111dutv314 585 233-2
nikki meets the hibachithe bluest sky199011dbaited breathbbp001
nikki meets the hibachiback around200611dblue bug
nimoy, leonardhighly illogical199311arev-olacrev017cd
nimoy, leonardmr. spock's music from outer space199511dvarese sarabandevsd-5613
nimoy, leonardhighly illogical / music outer space11dhome
numan, garythe pleasure principle197911mp3demusic
numan, garytelekon198011dbeggars banquetbbl 19 cd
normaltown flyers, thethe normaltown flyers199111dmercury484 369-2
normaltown flyers, thecountry boy's dream199211dmercury314-512 247-2
ocean blue, thethe ocean blue198911dsire/reprise9 25906-2
ocean blue, thecerulean199111dsire/reprise9 26550-2
ocean blue, thebeneath the rhythm and sound199311dsire/reprise9 45369-2
ocean blue, thesee199611dmercury314 532 982-2
ocean blue, thedavy jones' locker200111dmarchmar068
ocean blue, thewaterworks200411cd5d02-60104
ocean blue, theultramarine201311dbandcamp
ocean blue, thekings and queeens, knaves and thieves201911dbandcamp
o'connor, sineadlion and the cobra198711dchrysalis101805
o'connor, sineadi do not want what i haven't got199011dchrysalisf2 21759133512
oh-okthe complete recordings200211dcollector's choiceccm-293-2
oh-okwow mini album (part of affordable world/history kicks you)198200dhome
oh-okfurthermore what (part of arrive without travelling)198300dhome
oingo boingobest o' boingo199111dmcamcad-10424
oldfield, miketubular bells1973/198311dvirgin0777 7 86007 2 5 v2-86007
opalhappy nightmare baby198711dsstcd 103
opalearly recordings198911drough tradecd128 cd1-339
orchestral manoeuvres in the darkthe best of omd198811dvirgincd 5186
organisationtone float1970/199611dcrowncr 0426
orlando, tony & dawndefinitive collection199811darista07822-19036-2
osbourne, ozzyblizzard of ozz1980/199511depicek 67235121915
osbourne, ozzydiary of a madman1981/199511depicek 67236121916
pachelbelkanon and other hits of the baroque199011aquintessence digitalcdq 2107
parker, charlie and dizzie gillespiebird and diz1950/198611dverve831 133-2
parsons, gramgp / grievous angel1973/1974/199011dreprise9 26108-2
partridge, andyfuzzy warbles2002-200691dape houseape cd 001-016
partridge, andy & harold buddthrough the hill199411dgyroscopegyr 6608-2
partridge family, thegreatest hits1974/198911daristaarcd-8604
party battleshipcake + flames201711dbandcamp
paul collins' beatbeat/kids are the same200511dwounded birdwou 6195
paxtonginger's dish199911cd5dunderdogund9901
pennies from heavenfilm soundtrack198111dhome
pennies from heavenbbc soundtrack199331dconnoisseur collectionpott cd 300
pennies from heavensoundtrack1982/201311dperseveranceppr 059
permanent green lightpermanent green light199211drockvillerock6093-2
permanent green lightagainst nature199311drockvillerock6127-2
permanent green lighthallucinations201811domnivoreovcd-301
pet shop boysdiscography199111demi105605
petty, tomgreatest hits200811dgeffenb0010327-02
pink floyddark side of the moon197311dhome
piucci, matthellenes200011dinbetweens/ircd5007/006
plimsouls, thezero hour (on that's totally pop, with nerves and jack lee)1980/199211drevengemig 46 wm 321 842612
plimsouls, the...plus198111drhinor2 71061
plimsouls, theeverywhere at once198311dgeffengefd-24481
plimsouls, thekool trash199811dfuel 2000fld-1022
podrasky, jimmerthe would-be plans201311dbandcamp
podrasky, jimmergod like the sun201711dbandcamp
podrasky, jimmeralmost home, again201911dbandcamp
podrasky, jimmer & syd strawshoulder to cry on201811epdbandcamp
pogues, theessential199111disland314-510 610-2115459
police, theoutlandos d'amour197811da&mcd-3311124159
police, thereggatta de blanc197911da&mcd-3312
police, thezenyatta mondatta198011da&mcd-3720 didx 582130108
police, theghost in the machine198111da&mcd-3730 didz-10070123571
police, thesynchronicity198311da&mcd-3735134070
presley, elvis1954-1961198811dtime-life2rnr-06
presley, elvisking of rock 'n' roll (complete 50's masters)199251dbmg?; rca: 07863 66050-2
pretenderspretenders1980/200621dsire/real/rhinor2 74178
pretenderspretenders ii1981/200621dsire/real/rhinor2 74177
pretenderslearning to crawl1984/200711dsire/real/rhinor2 101058
pretendersthe singles198712dsirew2-25664
proclaimers, thethis is the story198711dchrysalisvk 41602 didx 4628
proclaimers, thesunshine on leith198811dchrysalisf2 21668 didx 3518
proclaimers, thehit the highway199411dchrysalis7243-8-28602-2-8
producers, theproducers/you make the heat1981/198211dhome
producers, theproducers/you make the heat2000/1981/198211done way32339
producers, therun for your life198511dyesterrockyr-2013-44
producers, thecoelacanth1987/200111done way088112738-2
psychedelic furs, thethe psychedelic furs198011dcolumbiack 36791
psychedelic furs, thetalk talk talk198111dcolumbia/legacyck 85917
psychedelic furs, theforever now198211dcolumbiack 38261
psychedelic furs, themirror moves198411dcolumbiack 39278
psychedelic furs, themidnight to midnight198711dcolumbiack 40466
psychedelic furs, thebook of days198911dcolumbiack 45412
psychedelic furs, theworld outside199111dcolumbiack 47303
psychodotson the grid199311dstrugglebabysbd-3193
psychodotsawkwardsville199511dstrugglebabysbd 6195
psychodotsofficial bootleg199821dstrugglebabysbd 6198
psychodotsterminal blvd.200511dbaby ranchbr-112205
pylongyrate plus1980/200711ddfa2161
pylonchomp more1983/200911ddfa2220cd
queena night at the opera1975/199111dhollywoodhr-61065-2
queena day at the races1976/199111dhollywoodhr-61035-2
queennews of the world1977/199111dhollywoodhr-61037-2
queenlive killers1979/199121dhollywoodhr-61066-2
queenthe game1980/199111dhollywoodhr-61063-2
queenhot space1982/199111dhollywoodhr-61038-2
queengreatest hits199211ahollywoodhr-61265-2
r.e.m.murmur198311dirscd 70014
r.e.m.reckoning198411dirscd 70044
r.e.m.fables of the reconstruction198511dirsirsd-5592 didx-391
r.e.m.lifes rich pageant198611dirsirsd-5783 jvc-522100166
r.e.m.dead letter office/chronic town198711dirscd 70054/dx 1541100168
r.e.m.green198811dwarner9 25795-2100715
r.e.m.out of time199111dwarner9 26496-2124762
r.e.m.automatic for the people199211dwarner9 45055-2
r.e.m.monster199411dwarner9 45740-2106164
r.e.m.up199811awarner9 47112-2
rabbitt, eddienumber one hits200911drhinor2 518369
railway children, thereunion wilderness198711dfactoryfacd 185
railway children, thereunion wilderness (plus)198711dhome
railway children, therecurrence198811dvirgin7 90930-2
railway children, thenative place199011dvirgin91385-2
railway children, theradio one evening show sessions199311dnighttracksdei8122 2
railway children, thedream arcade199711dethereth1
rain paradeemergency 3rd rail power trip/explosions in the glass palace198411drestless7 70019-2
rain paradebeyond the sunset1985/201011dlemoncdlem150
rain paradecrashing dream1985/1986/200111dviva saturn music
rain paradecrashing dream / beyond the sunset198511dhome
rain paradedemolition199111d090010
rain paradeperfume river1984/200211drainfallcloud006
rain paradeout of time1983/199911dpontiac
raisins, thethe raisins1983/199311dstrugglebabysbd-3228
raisins, theeverything and more1985/200041dbaby ranchbr2223
ralph records10th anniversary radio special1982/199811dralphra 003
ramonesmania198811dsire9 25709-2100260
rank and filesundown / long gone dead1982/198411dhome
rank and filesundown1982/200511dcollector's choiceccm-520-2
rank and filelong gone dead1984/200511dcollector's choice521-2
rank and filerank and file198711drhinorncd 70830
rave-ups, theclass tramp1984/202111cd5dbandcamp
rave-ups, thetown and country198511dwiredwicd 9.00004
rave-ups, thetown and country/class tramp1985/198411dhome
rave-ups, thetown and country1985/201611domnivoreovcd-183
rave-ups, thebook of your regrets198811depicek 44084
rave-ups, thehamlet meets john doe198911cd5depicesk 1909
rave-ups, thechance199011depicek 45255
rave-ups, thetomorrow202211domnivoreovcd-476
red flagnaive art198911denigma7 73523-2
reivers, thetranslate slowly198511ddbdb 75
reivers, thesaturday1987/198912dcapitolcdp 7 46926 2
reivers, thesaturday1987/200211ddualtone80302-01117-2
reivers, theend of the day198913dcapitolcdp 7 90119 2
reivers, theend of the day1989/200211ddualtone80302-01112-2
reivers, thepop beloved199111ddbdb 153
reivers, thesecond story201311dmidsnicker
renaldo & the loafsongs for swinging larvae198011dt.e.c. tones90802
renaldo & the loafsongs for swinging larvae1980/201511dbandcamp
renaldo & the loafarabic yodelling198311dt.e.c. tones93082
renaldo & the loafarabic yodelling1983/201511dbandcamp
renaldo & the loafstruve & sneff198411dt.e.c. tones94582
renaldo & the loafplay struve & sneff1984/201311dbandcamp
renaldo & the loafthe elbow is taboo198711dt.e.c. tones93782
renaldo & the loafthe elbow is taboo1987/201611dbandcamp
renaldo & the loafbehind closed curtains201411dbandcamp
renaldo & the loafgurdy hurding201611dbandcamp
renaldo & the loaflive in vienna (long time coming)201811dbandcamp
reo speedwagonhi infidelity198011depicek 36844
reo speedwagonthe hits198811depicek 44202110085
reo speedwagonhi infidelity/hits1980/198811dhome
replacements, thesorry ma, forgot to take out the trash198111dtwin/tonettr 8123-2
replacements, thestink198211cd5dtwin/tonettr 8228-2
replacements, thehootenanny198311dtwin/tonettr 8332-2
replacements, thelet it be198411dtwin/tonettr 8441-2
replacements, thetim198511dsire9 25330-2
replacements, thepleased to meet me198712dsire9 25557-2102053
replacements, thedon't tell a soul198911dsire/reprise9 25831-2
replacements, theall shook down199012dsire/reprise9 26298-2183585
replacements, theall for nothing nothing for all199721dreprise9 46807-2221164
repo mansoundtrack198411dmcamcad 39019103169
residents, themeet the residents1973/198811deast side digitalesd 80222
residents, thenot available1974/1978/198811deast side digitalesd 80192
residents, thethird reich 'n roll197611deast side digitalesd 80032
residents, thefingerprince1976/198711deast side digitalreside 4
residents, theduck stab197711deast side digitalesd 80052
residents, theeskimo197911deast side digitalesd 80022
residents, thediskomo,goosebump1980/199711dbombabom810
residents, thediskomo 20001980/200011deast side digitalesd 81512
residents, thecommercial album198011deast side digitalesd 80202
residents, themark of the mole (+ intermission)198111deast side digitalesd 80272
residents, thetunes of two cities1982/198811deast side digitalesd 80282
residents, the & renaldo & the loaftitle in limbo198311dralphra004
residents, thewhatever happened to vileness fats?/census taker1984/1985/199111deast side digitalesd 80592
residents, thegeorge and james198411deuro ralphcd 002
residents, thethe big bubble1985/198911deast side digitalesd 80342
residents, theheaven?198611drykodiscrcd 20012
residents, thehell!198611drykodiscrcd 20013
residents, thestars & hank forever198611dtorsocd 022
residents, thegod in three persons198811drykodiscrcd 20044
residents, thegod in three persons soundtrack198811drykodiscrcd 10045
residents, theking and eye198911dtorsocd137 efa 14263-26
residents, thecube-e live in holland199011denigma7 73608-2
residents, thefreak show199011dcrypticop 1.2
residents, theblowoff199011dcrypticsp 20
residents, theour finest flowers199211deast side digitalesd 80782
residents, thegingerbread man199411deast side digitalesd 81072
residents, thehunters soundtrack199511dmilan73138 35701-2
residents, thehave a bad day199611deast side digitaleds 81202
residents, theour tired, our poor, our huddled masses199741deuro ralphcd 017
residents, thewormwood199811deast side digitalesd 81332
residents, thewb:rmx200411deuro ralphcd 033
residents, theresidue deux199811deast side digitalesd 81322
residents, thesanta dog198811duwebuweb001
residents, thesanta dog '92199211duwebuweb009
residents, thesnakey wake198711duwebuweb 002
residents, thebuckaroo blues198911duwebuweb 003
residents, theliver music199011duwebuweb 004
residents, thestranger than supper199011duwebusp00012
residents, thedaydream b liver199111duwebuweb 005
residents, theuncle willie's highly opinionated guide to199312dralphcd rz 9302
rhodes, emittemitt rhodes197011done waymcad-22078
richman, jonathan and modern loversbest of197911drhinorncd 75889
right as rainundertown198811ddbdb 90
right as rainstop!look&listen199111ddbdb 98
roberts, scottcakewalk199611dpie holephd-1996-1
robertson, robbierobbie robertson198711dgeffen9 24160-2144460
rocky horror picture show, thesoundtrack1975/198911doder2 70712
rolling stones, thebeggars banquet196811dabkcocd 539
rolling stones, thehot rocks 1964-19711972/198621dabkco66672
rolling stones, theforty licks200221dabkco virgin7244381337820
romantics, thethe romantics198012dnemperorzk 36273
ronstadt, lindagreatest hits i & ii1976/1980/200721drhino8122 79984 6
rossinigreatest hits200511adeccab0003956-02
roxy musicroxy music197212dreprise9 26039-2
roxy musicfor your pleasure197311degegcd 8
roxy musicstranded197311dreprise9 26041-2
roxy musiccountry life197412deg823 147-2
roxy musicsiren197511dreprise9 26043-2
roxy musicmanifesto197911dreprise9 26046-2
roxy musicflesh and blood198011dreprisew2 26075
roxy musicavalon198211dreprise/eg9 23686-2
royal crescent mobomerta198711ddull white roarmobco 1
royal crescent mobspin the world198911dsirew2 25914
royal crescent mobmidnight rose's199111dsire/warner9 26497-2
royal crescent mob13 destruction199211ddull white roarmobco 2cd
rudd, nickone track mind199911dparasolpar-cd-038
rundgren, toddanthology198921drhino/bearsviller2 71491
rush2112197611dmercury314 534 626-2
rusha farewell to kings197711dmercury822 546-2 m-1102056
rushpermanent waves198011dmercury822 548-2 m-1102059
rushmoving pictures198111dmercury314 534 631-2118809
rushsignals198211dmercury314 534 633-2118809
rusted rootwhen i woke199411dmercury314522713-2
rutles, thethe rutles197811drhinor2 75760
rutles, thearchaeology199611dvirgin7243 8 42200 2 0
rutles, thehard days rut1999?11dpopmeisterpop-014
sanchez, pauljet black and jealous199211dlittle fish platterslfp0002
sanchez, paulwasted lives and bluegrass199411dmonkey hillmon6119-2
sanchez, paulloose parts199711dmtd012
saturday night feversoundtrack197721dpolydor800 068-2234687
scaggs, bozhits!198011dcolumbiack 36841
schilling, peterfehler im system1982/198711dwea2292-40026-2
schilling, petererror in the system1983/201611dbig breakwhsr015
schilling, peterdifferent story (lust & crime)198911delektra9 60863-2
schneider, fredfred schneider198411dreprise9 26592-2
schneider, fredjust... fred199611dreprise9 46215-2
schoolhouse rockbest of199811drhinoabc r2 75315
screaming blue messiahs, thegun-shy198611delektra9 60488-2
screaming blue messiahs, thebikini red198711delektra9 60755-2
screaming blue messiahs, thetotally religious198911delektra9 60859-2
screaming blue messiahs, thebbc radio 1 live in concert1988/199211dwindsongwincd 022
scruffy the cathigh octane revival/tiny days/boom boom boom bingo1986/1987/198711dhome
scruffy the cattiny days198711drelativity88561-8158-2
scruffy the catmoons of jupiter198811drelativity88561-8237-2
scruffy the catthe good goodbye unreleased recordings 1984-9091989/201411domnivoreovcd-94
seaworthythe ride200111djetsettwa39cd
seger, bob & the silver bullet bandgreatest hits199411dcapitalcdp 7243 8 30334 2 3
seger, bob & the silver bullet bandgreatest hits 2200311dcapitalcdp 7243 8 52772 0 7
serious pilgrimserious pilgrim demo198911epdbandcamp
serious pilgrimibid198911epdbandcamp
serious pilgrimrest it on your face199111epdbandcamp
serious pilgrimserious pilgrim199411daugust8002-2
serious pilgrimpermanent part201511dbandcamp
seven simonsclockwork198811dsky7-5092-2
seven simonsfour twenty-four199111dtvt2410-2
severed headsclean1981/202011dbandcamp
severed headssince the accident (the art of noise: volume one)198311dinkcd 002
severed headssince the accident w/blubberknife (83-84 pt. 1)198311dnettwerkw2-30039
severed headscity slab horror w/blubberknife (83-84 pt. 2)198411dnettwerkw2-30033
severed headscome visit the big bigot / dead eyes opened198511dnettwerk88561-5006-2
severed headsbad mood guy198711dnettwerkntcd33
severed headsrotund for success198911dnettwerk88561-5005-2
severed headsbulkhead199011dnettwerk88561-5014-2
severed headscuisine (with piscatorial)199111dnettwerk88561-5041-2
severed headsgigapus (usa)199411ddecibeldec007
severed headsgigapus (aus)199411dvolitionvoltcd80
severed headsdead eyes opened199411dvolitionvoltcd90
severed headsadenoids200811dbandcamp
severed headslamborghini-petrol ep201711cd5dbandcamp
sex pistols, thenever mind the bollocks here's the197711dwarnerw2 3147
sex pistols, thethe great rock 'n' roll swindle197911dwarner9 45083-2100421
sex police, themedallion199111dbaited breathbbp 003
sex police, thesecond string199211dscuff cakes01
sex police, thescience199411dscuff cakessr003
sexsmith, ronron sexsmith199511dinterscopeintd-92485
sextants, thelucky you199211dimago72787-21008-2
shaggs, thephilosophy of the world1969/199911drca victor09026 63371-2
shaggs, thethe shaggs198811droundercd 11547
shaliniwe want jelly donuts200011dparasolpar-cd-059
shalinimetal corner200411ddallowaydal 20041
shalinithe surface and the shine200711delectric deviledr dclxvii
shatner, williamthe transformed man1968/199211drev-olacrev004cd
shelley, petehomosapien1981/199711drazor & tiere 2126-2
shelley, petexl11983/199411dgrapevinegracd 202
shelley, peteheaven and the sea198611dphonogram830 004 2
shelleydevotobuzzhunst200211dcooking vinyltrue north tnd 271
shipp, matthewequilibrium200311athirsty earthi57127.2
shoesbest198711dblack vinylbv 9787
shoshkes, deenasomewhere in blue200811dverbenalfr 0505
siberry, janethe speckless sky198511dopen airod-0305
siberry, janewhen i was a boy199311dreprise9 26824-2
sighs, thewhat goes on199211dcharisma92110-2
sighs, thedifferent199511dbig dealbgd 9026-2
simon and garfunkelgreatest hits197211dcolumbiack 31350110060
simon and garfunkelthe concert in central park198211dwarner3654-2244006
simon, paulnegotiations and love songs 1971-1986198811dwarnerw2 25789
simpsons, thesongs in the key of springfield199911drhinor2 75985
simpsons, thego simpsonic199911drhinor2 75480
simpsons, thetestify200711dshout826663-10537
sinatra, frankthe capitol collector's series198911dcapitolcdp-7 92160 2164362
singlessoundtrack199212depicek 52476
small tribewonderlust199411dlunacylr 823 290-2
smithereens, theespecially for you198611denigmacde-73208
smithereens, thegreen thoughts198812dcapitolcdp 748375 2
smithereens, the11198911denigma/capital110619
smithereens, theblow up199111dcapitolcdp 7 94963 2
smithereens, thebeauty and sadness1983/1988/199211cd5dcapitolcdp 7 97770 2
smithereens, thethe lost album1993/202211dbandcamp
smithereens, thea date with199411drca07863 66391-2
smithereens, therarities - attack of the199511dcapitolcdp 7243 8 32247 2 2110859
smithereens, thegod save the199911dkochkoc-cd-8057
smithereens, the2011201111deoneeom-cd-2004
smithereens, thecovers201811dbandcamp
smiths, thethe smiths198411dsire9 25065-2102694
smiths, thehatful of hollow1983/201111dwea2564-66048-7
smiths, themeat is murder198511dsire9 25269-2102693
smiths, thethe queen is dead198611dsire9 25426-2102692
smiths, thelouder than bombs198712dsire9 25569-2102695
smiths, thestrangeways, here we come198711dsire9 25649-2102696
smiths, therank198811dwea2564660481
snakefingerchewing hides the sound197911deast side digitalesd 81392
snakefingergreener postures1980/199911deast side digitalesd 81402
snakefingermanual of errors198211dt.e.c. tones90302
snakefingera collection198811deast side digitalesd 80212
snakefingernight of desirable objects198611dt.e.c. tones93532
snakefinger1949-1987199211duwebuweb 008
snakefingerlive in chicago199611dtec tones96032
sneakersracket199211deast side digitalesd 80672
soft cellnon-stop erotic cabaret198111dvertigo800 061-2
soft cellnon-stop ecstatic dancing1982/199811dmercury558 265-2
soft celltainted love / where did our love go?199111dvertigo866 001-2
soft cellcruelty without beauty200221cd/cdromdcooking vinylspart 116
solexsolex vs. the hitmeister199811dmatadorole 287-2
solexpick up199911dmatadorole 336-2
solexlow kick and hard bop200111mp3demusic
sonia dadasonia dada199511acapricorn42033-2
sonia dadaa day at the beach199511acapricorn42037-2
soup dragons, thehang-ten!198711dsire/warner9 25666-2
soup dragons, thelovegod199011dbig life842 985-2
soviet leaguesoviet league201011dbandcamp
sparksindiscreet197511dislandimcd 200 (524 032-2)
sparksbest of (music that you can dance to)1985-1986/199011dcurbd2-773335
sparksinterior design198811dfine art/rhinor2 70841
sparksprofile: the ultimate sparks collection199121drhinor2 70731
sparksgratuitous sax & senseless violins199511dlogic74321-23267-2
sparkslil' beethoven200211dpalmcd 2126-2
sparkshello young lovers200611dgutcd53
sparksexotic creatures of the deep200811dlil' beethovenlbrcd111
sparksa steady drip, drip, drip202011dbmg538600762
specials, thethe specials198011dchrysalisf2 21265 didx 1537
specials, thesingles collection199111dchrysalisf2 521823
spider-man (hero)rock reflections of a superhero1976/200011dwinthropkmv-04001-2
spinal tapthis is spinal tap198411dpolydor817 846-2
spinal tapbreak like the wind199211dmcamcad-10514
spinners, thebest of197611datlantic19179-2
split enzhistory never repeats (best of)198711damcd 3289/dx 2069135201
squallsrebel shoes (plus mania)198711dhome
squallsno time198811ddog gonedog-0001cd
squeezecool for cats197911da&mcd 3231
squeezeargybargy198011da&mcd 3232
squeezeeast side story198111da&mcd 3253
squeezesingles - 45's and under198211da&mcd 3338135208
squeezecosi fan tutti frutti1985/199711da&m540 802-2
squeezebabylon and on198711dvirgincd 5161/dx 1686
squier, billydon't say no198111dcapitolcdp-546479
squier, billy16 strokes - the best of199511dcapitolcdp 7243 8 31831 2 8108304
stamey, chriswonderful life1982/1984/199211deast side digitalesd 80682
stamey, chrischristmas time1986/199311deast side digitalesd 80812
stamey, chrisit's alright198711da&mcd 5180/dx 2305
stamey, chrisfireworks199111drnar2 70766
stamey, christravels in the south200411dyep rocyep 2033
stamey, chriseuphoria201511dyep rocyep-2441
stamey, chrislovesick blues201311dbandcamp
stamey, chris & kirk rossrobust beauty199511deast side digitalesd 81052
star treksound effects from the original tv soundtrack198811dgnp/crescendognpd 8010
star warssoundtrack1977/199721drca victor09026-68772-2216831
stars on 45very best of1981/200211dred bulletrb 66.199
steely danroyal scam197611dmcamcad-31193
steely danaja197711dmcamcad-37214 didx 55100409
steely dangaucho198011dmcamcad-37220 didx 56
steely dana decade of198511dmcamcad-11553
steely dantwo against nature200011dgiant9 24719-2133000
stems, theat first sight violets are blue198711dwhite labeld 19456
stems, thebuds199311dcitadelcitcd512
stems, theweed out198711dhowr8
stems, theheads up200711dshockst-707
stereo totalmy melody199911dbobsledbob-8
stevens, brianprettier than you199611dqdivision
stewart, almodern times1975/199211drhinor2 71046
stewart, alrussians & americans198411dmesar2 79072
stewart, albest of198611daristaarcd-8433100875
stewart, alfamous last words199311dmesar2 79061111018
stewart, rodvery best of200111dwarnerr2 78328
sting, thesoundtrack197411amcamcad-11836
stone roses, thethe stone roses198911dsilvertonej2 1184
stone roses, theturns into stone199211dsilvertone01241-41507-2
stone roses, thesecond coming199411dgeffengefd-24503
stone roses, thethe complete stone roses199511dsilvertone01241-41561-2
stranglers, thethe ua singles1977-1979/2001101demi7243 8 89172 2 3
stranglers, thethe ua singles (compilation)1977-1979/200111dhome
stranglers, thela folie198111demicdp 7 46614 2
stranglers, thethe meninblack1981/198811demicd-fa 3208 cdm 7 90876 2
stranglers, thefeline198311depicek 38542
stranglers, theaural sculpture198511depicek 39959
stranglers, thedreamtime198611depicek 40607
stranglers, the10199011depicek 46120
stray catsbuilt for speed198211demi/manhattancdp7 46103 2
styxthe complete wooden nickel recordings1972/1973/1974/200521dhip-ob0003922-2
styxthe serpent is rising/man of miracles1973/1974/199911done wayow 35144
styxcrystal ball1976/198811da&mcd-3218
styxgrand illusion197711da&mcd-3223
styxpieces of eight197811da&mcd 3224125244
styxcornerstone197911da&mcd 3239
styxparadise theater198011da&mcd-3240125243
sugarcopper blue199212drykodiscrcd 10239100343
sugarbeaster199311drykodiscrcd 50260
sugarfile under easy listening199412drykodiscrcd 10300
sugargee angel199511cd5drykodiscrcd5 1040
sugarbesides199521drykodiscrcd 10321
sugarcubes, thelife's too good198811delektra9 60801-2
sugarcubes, thehere today, tomorrow next week198911delektrae2 60860
sugarplastic, theradio jejune199511dsugar fix001
sugarplastic, thebang, the earth is round199611ddgcdgcd-24961
sugarplastic, thepolly brown199611dgeffengefdm22171
sugarplastic, theresin200011descape artistsear cd001
sugarplastic, theprimitive plastic: demos and b-sides200111dair mailaircd-038
sugarplastic, thewill200511dtallboytb0106
sugarplastic, the7x7x7200511dtallboytb0777
sugarsmacktop loader199311dinvisibleinvo 2xs
sugarsmacktank top city199811dsire31007
summers, andymysterious barricades198811dprivate2039-2-p
summers, andy & robert frippi advance masked198211da&m75021 4913 2
summers, andy & robert frippbewitched198411da&mcd 5011 didx 84
sundays, thereading, writing, and arithmetic198911ddgc9 24277-2163175
supertrampbreakfast in america197911da&mcd-3708 didx 26125246
supertrampvery best of199011da&m393 934-2
supremes, the1963-1969198711dtime-life2rnr-12
swan, kirkit's about time199911dblue roseblu cd0083
swan, kirkit's only me200711draedellrdr-002
sweet, matthewgirlfiend (plus goodfriend)1991/200621dvolcano/legacy82876 78549 2
sweet, matthew100% fun199511dzoo72445-11081-2
sweet, matthewblue sky on mars199711dzoo61422-31130-2
sweet, matthewaltered beast199311dzoo72445-11050-2170310
sweet, matthewson of altered beast199411dzoo72445-11078-2
sweet, matthewin reverse199911dvolcano61422-31154-2
sweet, matthewtomorrow's daughter201811dbandcamp
tagg, larrywith a skeleton crew199511ddamianDMN 5001
tagg, larryrover199711dpsychoactive955.541
talk talkcolour of spring1986/199711demi7243 857131 2 5
talk talkvery best of (natural history)199011demi102076
talking heads77197711dsire6036-2
talking headsmore songs about buildings and food197811dsirew2 6058
talking headsfear of music197912dsire6076-2101413
talking headsremain in light198011dsire6095-2
talking headsthe name of this band is1977-1979/1980-1981/198211dhome
talking headsthe name of this band is1979/1982/200421dsire/warner/rhinor2 76489
talking headslive on tour: warner bros. music show197911dhome
talking headsbyrned to a crisp1979/198011dtendolartdr-118
talking headsspeaking in tongues198312dsire9 23883-2101421
talking headsstop making sense198411dsire9 25186-2124560
talking headsstop making sense (special)199911dsire/warner9 47489-2
talking headslittle creatures198511dsire9 25305-2153839
talking headstrue stories198611dsire9 25512-2
talking headsnaked198811dfly/sire9 25654-2153810
talking headspopular favorites : sand in the vaseline199221dsire/warner9 26760-2201414
tears for fearstears roll down (greatest hits)199211dfontana314 510 939-2180162
televisionmarquee moon197711delektra1098-2
televisiontelevision199211dcapitolcdp 0777 798396 2 9
10,000 maniacshope chest198311delektra9 60962-2
10,000 maniacsthe wishing chair198511delectra9 60428-2102640
10,000 maniacsin my tribe198711delektra9 60738-2100481
thayer, donnettchaos and wonder199711descapist0124960004
thomas, b.j.greatest hits199111dcurbd2-77452
thompson twinsgreatest hits199611darista07822-18940-2
three o'clock, thehappen happened (befour three o'clock)198211dfrontier01866 34639 2
three o'clock, thesixteen tambourines / baroque hoedown198311dfrontier4605-2-l
three o'clock, thearrive without travelling (plus nerves/alrn/oh-ok)198511dhome
three o'clock, thearrive without travelling/ever after1985/1987/200211dcollector's choiceccm-292-2 72435-39118-2-9
three o'clock, theever after198711dirsirsd-5833
three o'clock, thevermillion198811dpaisley park9 25717-2
three o'clock, thehidden world revealed201311domnivoreovcd-64
three lb. thrillvulture199512d57/550bk 67395
throbbing gristlevery friendly - first annual report1975/200111dmute?cdtg23
throbbing gristlesecond annual report1977/199111dmute9 61093-2
throbbing gristled.o.a.: third and final report of1978/199111dmute9 61094-2
throbbing gristle20 jazz funk greats1978/199711dmute9 61095-2
throbbing gristlein the shadow of the sun1980/199311dgrey area/mutetgcd9
throbbing gristlegreatest hits - entertainment through pain1984/199011dmute9 61001-2
til tuesdayvoices carry198511depicek 39458
til tuesdaywelcome home198611depicek 40314
til tuesdayeverything's different now198811depicek 44041
timbuk 3greetings from198611dirsirsd-5739
timbuk 3eden alley198811dirsirsd-42124
timbuk 3edge of allegiance198911dirs105209-2
timbuk 3big shot in the dark199112dirsx2-13094
timbuk 3looks like dark to me199411cd5dhigh street72902 10330-2
timbuk 3a hundred lovers199511dhigh street72902 10331-2
tiny lightsprayer for the halcyon fear198511dabsolute a go goago 1993-2
tiny lightshazel's wreath198811dgala13 9005-2
tiny lightshot chocolate massage199011dabsolute a go goago1991
tiny lightsstop the sun i want to go home199211ddoctor dreamddcd 9261
tiny lightsmilky juicy199411ddoctor dreamdd9481
tiny lightsthe young person's guide to199511dbar/noneahaon-063-2
tiny lightsthe smaller the grape, the sweeter the wine199711dbar/noneahaon-087
seth tivensolitude200611draedellrdr-001
tom tom clubtom tom club198211dsire3628-2
tom tom clubtom tom club & close to the bone1982/1983/200921disland2701690
tom tom clubclose to the bone (plus untouchables live)198311dhome
tom tom clubboom boom chi boom boom (u.s.)198911dsire/red eye/reprise9 25888-2
tom tom clubboom boom chi boom boom (euro)198811dfontana836 416-2
tom tom clubdark sneak love action199211dsire/reprise9 26951-2
tom tom clubthe good the bad and the funky200011drykodisc/tip toprcd 10603
tom tom clubdowntown rockers201211dear0208439ere
tomita, isaosnowflakes are dancing1974/198211drcarcd14587
tomita, isaomussorgsky: pictures at an exhibition1975/199111drca60576-2-rg
tomita, isaoplanets197611drcarcd1-1919
tomita, isaokosmos1978/199111drca2616-2-rg
tomita, isaobermuda triangle1978/199111drcabvcc-2510
tomita, isaogreatest hits197911drca5660-2-rc
tony & jessicawedding mix: august 3, 2002200211dhome
totoiv198211dcbsck 37728
trafficlow spark of high heeled boys1971/200211disland314 548 827-2
triumphclassics198911dtrctrcd 6211
tube tunesvolume one - the '70s199511drhinor2 71910
tube tunesvolume two - the '70s & '80s199511drhinor2 71911
tube tunesvolume three - the '80s199511drhinor2 71912
tubes, thecompletion backward principle198111dcapitolcdp 7 48454 2
tubeway armytubeway army1978/199811dbeggars banquetbbl 4 cd
tubeway armyreplicas redux1979/200821mp3demusic
tv eyestv eyes2006/201411domnivoreovcd-97
twitty, conway20 greatest hits198711dmcamcad-5976152232
u2war198311disland422-811 148-2
u2achtung baby199111aisland314-510 347-2125174
u2best of 1980-1990199811disland314-524 613-2
ub40labour of love198311da&mcd4980/didx195100677
ub40baggariddim198511ddepcd 10
ub40ub40198811da&mcd 5213 dx 003488
ultravoxrage in eden1981/199711ddiskydc 881632
ultravoxlament1983/199911demi7243 5 21834 2 5
ultravoxvery best of200921cd/dvddcrysalis50999 2 66722 2 9
uncle greenyou198912ddbdb94
uncle greenwhat an experiment his head was199112ddbdb99
uncle greenbook of bad thoughts199212datlantic7 82374-2
uncle greeni know all about you199211cd5datlanticprcd 4495-2
untouchables, thelive and let dance (part of close to the bone)198400dhome
untouchables, thewild child1985/200211dcherry redcdm red 205
valli, frankie & the four seasons1962-1967198711dtime-life2rnr-15
van halenvan halen1978/200011dwarner9 47732-2
van halenvan halen ii1979/200011dwarner9 47738-2
van halenwomen and children first1980/200011dwarner9 47739-2
van halenfair warning1981/200011dwarner9 47740-2
van halendiver down/19841982/198411dhome
van halendiver down1982/200011dwarner9 47718-2
van halen19841984/200011dwarner9 47741-2
vandalias, themach v199511dbig deal9015-2
vandalias, thebuzzbomb!199811dbig deal9044-2
vapors, theanthology1980/199511done ways21-18332
vapors, thevaporized1980/199711dcollectablescol-5888 72438-19640-2-6
vapors, theturning japanese - the best of199611demi7243 8 53898 2 5
various artistsatlantic rhythm and blues 1947-1974 volumes 1-8199181datlantic7 82305-2
various artists#1 hits of the 70's vol. 1199911dmadacyolp2 2647
various artists100% rock guitar anthems201231dmood media59484
various artists25 #1 hits from 25 years, volume i198511dmotownmotd 2-6132 md1 6132
various artists25 #1 hits from 25 years, volume ii198511dmotownmotd 2-6132 md2 6132
various artists688 presents (part of bad pumpkin)198600dhome
various artists70s music explosion vol. 1: sunshine200521dtime-life20288-2 opcd-7746
various artists70s music explosion vol. 2: esacpe200521dtime-life20289-2 b0005000-2
various artists70s music explosion vol. 3: miracles200521dtime-life20292-2 tcd944
various artists70s music explosion vol. 4: magic200521dtime-life20290-2 72434-77437-2-6
various artists70s music explosion one-hit wonders200521dtime-life20291-2 tcd951
various artists80's pop hits200131dsonya3k 53495
various artistsbest of bond... james bond199911dcapitol72435-22607-2-0
various artistsbig hits of the 80s199711demi-capitol72438-19471-2-8
various artistsbillboard top rock'n'roll hits 1961199311drhinor2 70622
various artistsbillboard top hits 1982199211drhinor2 70677
various artistscelebrities... at their worst! (nick bougas presents)21d
various artistsclass reunion '83199811drebound314 520 493-2
various artistsclassic rock gold200521dhip-0b0004371-2261551
various artistsclassical masterpieces199511amadacyttc-2-1707
various artistscloset pop freak199611dpoppsyclepy-cd1
various artistscommon thread: songs of the eagles199311agiant9 24531-2
various artistsdazed and confused199311dmedicine9 24533-2104944
various artistseven more dazed and confused199311dmedicine9 24588-2
various artistsdecades of dance: the 70's199711demi-capitol72438-19429-2-5
various artistsdiscipline: sometimes god hides199611ddiscipline
various artistseasy rock200121drazor & tie6983681039-2
various artistsa few uneven rhymes - a tribute to winter hours200821dmain manmmr026
various artistsget ready, here come the '70s200731dshout826663-10547
various artistsgolden throats 4: celebrities butcher songs of the beatles199711drhinor2 72593
various artistsgoobers - a collection of kids' songs199311delemental93902
various artistsgrass of '96 (grass sampler)199611dgrass60150-13042-2
various artistsgreatest ever punk & new wave201331dunion squaregtstcd007-[123]
various artistsgreatest hits of the eighties volume 2199511dsonya3 26222
various artistshard to find 45s on cd, volume 8: seventies pop classics200211deric11514-2
various artistshard to find 45s on cd, volume 14 70s & 80s pop classics201211deric11532
various artistshard to find orchestral instrumentals ii200311deric11518-2
various artistshard to find orchestral instrumentals199911deric11507-2
various artistshard to find pop instrumentals ii200311deric11519-2
various artistshard to find pop instrumentals199911deric11508-2
various artistshave a nice decade: the '70s pop culture box199871drhinor2 72919
various artistsincredibly strange music volume 1199311dcarolinecarol 1746-2
various artistsincredibly strange music volume 2199511dasphodel0951
various artistsjust say yes (sire's winter sampler)198711dsire9 25665-2
various artistsjust say yo (just say yes 2)198811dsire9 25745-2
various artistsjust say mao (just say yes iii)198911dsire9 25947-2
various artistsjust say da (just say yes iv)199011dsire9 26240-2
various artistsjust say anything (just say yes v)199111dsire9 26623-2
various artistsjust say yesterday (just say yes vi)199211dsire9 26954-2
various artistsjuxtamusician200311dhalt musichmc 0033
various artistsjuxtaposition199711dhalt musichmc 0007
various artistsla weekly found music199911drhinor2 7470
various artistslegends: do it again200311dtime-life8458-2 opcd-2749a
various artistslegends: in the air tonight200411dtime-life8460-2 a72819
various artistslegends: pluggin' in200411dtime-life8457-2 tcd801
various artistslegends: we will rock you199711dtime-life8459-2 72438-19590-2-2
various artistslost 45s of the '70s & '80s199811dvarese vintagevsd-5955
various artistsm.e.g. an l.a. sampler199311dprontopr 7553
various artistsmonster rock199921drazor & tie6983681006-2
various artistsmusenet 1992199221d
various artistsnew wave hits of the 80's vol 8199411arhinor2 71701
various artistsno alternative199311darista07822-18737-2
various artistsnuggets: original artyfacts from the first psychedelic era 1965-19681972/200611delectra/rhinor2 2006
various artistsnumber 1 hits of the 70's199911dmadacyolp2 2647
various artiststhe number ones: eighties rock199811dsimitar55552
various artistsoldies but goodies volume 6198611doriginal soundoscd 8856
various artistspop american style199621dmarchmar024
various artistspop memories of the '60s2009101dtime-life24774-Z
various artistspop music: the modern era 1976-1999199921dcolumbia/epic/legacyj2k 65794232664
various artiststhe adventures of priscilla: queen of the desert199411amother314-516 937-2
various artiststhe rock album198011dhome
various artiststhe rock album vol. 11980/199711dk-tel/sony3904-2
various artiststhe rock album vol. 21980/199711dk-tel/emi-capitol3905-2
various artistsrock & roll '70s200611dwarnermus2 51417
various artiststhe rock & roll generation! volume one200321dcompendia media group5506
various artistsrock on 1975199611dcemarok-2-1975
various artistsrock on 1976199611dmcarok-2-1976
various artistsrock on 1977199611dmcarok-2-1977
various artistsrock on 1978199611dcemarok-2-1978
various artistsrock on 1979199611dcemarok-2-1979
various artistsrock on!200631dcmga3 27430
various artistsrock this200121drazor & tie6983681042-2
various artistsrockin' on campus199011dperfect pitchspd89040
various artistsroots of rock 'n' roll 1946-1954, the200431dhip-ob0002252-02
various artistssixties classics200121dbmg75517 45948 2missing 3rd cd
various artistssoft rock gold200721dhip-ob0008534-02
various artistssongs in the key of z volumes 1 & 2200421dcherry redcdm red 261
various artistssquares blot out the sun199012ddbdb 72
various artistssteal this disc198711drykodiscrcd 00056
various artistssteal this disc 2198811drykodiscrcd 00076
various artistssteal this disc 3199111drykodiscrcd 00205
various artistssuper 70s199521drazor & tiedr 7076
various artistssuper hits of the 70s - have a nice day vol. 22199311drhinor2 71202
various artiststdk new music report #39 1991jun23199111dcmj62391 crn
various artiststheodore: an alternative music sampler199011dcolumbia/epicck 46062
various artiststhese people are nuts198911dirsx2-13010
various artiststime-life: the rock 'n' roll era: 1954-1955198811dtime-life2rnr-08laub
various artiststime-life: the rock 'n' roll era: 1956198711dtime-life2rnr-14laub
various artiststime-life: the rock 'n' roll era: 1957198711dtime-life2rnr-01laub
various artiststime-life: the rock 'n' roll era: 1958198711dtime-life2rnr-05laub
various artiststime-life: the rock 'n' roll era: 1959198811dtime-life2rnr-13laub
various artiststime-life: the rock 'n' roll era: 1960198711dtime-life2rnr-11laub
various artiststime-life: the rock 'n' roll era: 1961198711dtime-life2rnr-04laub
various artiststime-life: the rock 'n' roll era: 1962198711dtime-life2rnr-02laub
various artiststime-life: the rock 'n' roll era: 1963198611dtime-life2rnr-07laub
various artiststime-life: the rock 'n' roll era: 1964198711dtime-life2rnr-10laub
various artiststime-life: classic rock: 1964198711dtime-life2clr-03
various artiststime-life: classic rock: 1965198711dtime-life2clr-01
various artiststime-life: classic rock: 1966198711dtime-life2clr-02
various artiststime-life: classic rock: 1967198811dtime-life2clr-05
various artiststime-life: classic rock: 1968198711dtime-life2clr-04
various artiststime-life: classic rock: 1969198811dtime-life2clr-06
various artiststime-life: sounds of the seventies: 1970198911dtime-lifesod-01
various artiststime-life: sounds of the seventies: 1971198911dtime-lifesod-02
various artiststime-life: sounds of the seventies: 1972198911dtime-lifesod-03
various artiststime-life: sounds of the seventies: 1973199011dtime-lifesod-06
various artiststime-life: sounds of the seventies: 1974199011dtime-lifesod-07
various artiststime-life: sounds of the seventies: 1975199011dtime-lifesod-08
various artiststime-life: sounds of the seventies: 1976198911dtime-lifesod-04
various artiststime-life: sounds of the seventies: 1977199011dtime-lifesod-05
various artiststime-life: sounds of the seventies: 1978199011dtime-lifesod-10
various artiststime-life: sounds of the seventies: 1979199011dtime-lifesod-09
various artiststime-life: sounds of the seventies: the late '70s199311dtime-lifesod-34
various artiststime-life: sounds of the seventies: celebration199411dtime-lifer138-38
various artiststime-life: sounds of the seventies: am top twenty199311dtime-lifesod-31
various artiststime-life: sounds of the seventies: am nuggets199311dtime-lifesod-35
various artiststime-life: sounds of the seventies: guitar power199211dtime-lifesod-23
various artiststime-life: sounds of the seventies: punk and new wave199311dtime-lifesod-30
various artiststime-life: guitar rock 1974-1975199311dtime-lifeopcd-2698/r968-01
various artiststime-life: sounds of the eighties: 1980199511dtime-life988-07
various artiststime-life: sounds of the eighties: 1981199511dtime-life988-08
various artiststime-life: sounds of the eighties: 1982199411dtime-lifea-25258/r988-05
various artiststime-life: sounds of the eighties: 1983199411dtime-lifeopcd-2732/r988-03
various artiststime-life: sounds of the eighties: 1984199411dtime-lifea-25259/r988-06
various artiststime-life: sounds of the eighties: 1985199411dtime-lifeopcd-2731/r988-02
various artiststime-life: sounds of the eighties: 1986199411dtime-lifeopcd-2730/r988-04
various artiststhe ultimate collection - 100 hits - seventies200851dunion squareultimbx003
various artistsultimate funk200421dmadacymeg2 50247
various artistsvery best of classical - composers200211ddirect sourcevb 12582
various artistsvery best of classical - greatest hits200211ddirect sourcevb 12592
various artistsvery best of classical - four seasons200211ddirect sourcevb 12622
various artistsvery best of classical - for beginners200211ddirect sourcevb 13252
various artistsvery best of classical - masterpieces200211ddirect sourcevb 12362
various artistsworld of the symphony1989101ddelta15 820
vega, suzannesuzanne vega198511da&mcd 5072102703
vega, suzannesolitude standing198711da&mcd 5136 dx 1743160163
velvet crushteenage symphonies to god199411d550/epicbk 64442
velvet underground, theand nico196711dverve823 290-2102155
velvet underground, thevu198511dverve823 721-2
velvet underground, theanother view198611dverve829 405-2
verlaine, tomtom verlaine1979/200211dcollector's choiceccm-316-2
verlaine, tomanthology - miller's tale199621dvirgin7243 8 41650 2 4 cdvdm9034
victor victoriasoundtrack1982/199411dgnp/crescendognpd 8038
vince guaraldi trioa charlie brown christmas1950/198811dfantasyfcd-8431-2
vinyl devotionif they know you're trying199411cd5dmitochondriawdru-034
vinyl devotionfloor model199811mp3demusic
violent femmesviolent femmes198211dslash9 23845-2100147
violent femmeshallowed ground198411dslash/london422-828 273-2
violent femmesblind leading the naked198611dslash/warner9 25340-2
violent femmes3198811dslash/warner9 25819-2
violent femmesnew times199411delektra61553-2103280
violent femmesfreak magnet200511dshout factorydk 30682
viva saturnsoundmind199111dspiritade009cd
viva saturnbrightside199511drestless7 72909-2
viva saturnships of heaven200111dviva saturn music
voice farmvoice farm198712dralphrr87552
voice farmbigger cooler weirder199111dmorgan creek2959-20001-2
voices from the wildbird sounds - volume 1200211dmoon trailway
waitresses, thebest of199011dpolydor847 249-2
waitresses, theking biscuit199711dking biscuit70710-88024-2
waitresses, thejust desserts201321domnivoreovcd-73
walk the westwalk the west (plus jerry reed picks)198611dhome
walk the westwalk the west198611mp3demusic
war of the worldsoriginal 1938 radio broadcast199411dmetacomrm# 0300300
waterboys, thewaterboys, the198311dchrysalisvk 41541 didx 2963
waterboys, thea pagan place198411dchrysalisf2 21542 didx 1058
waterboys, thethis is the sea198511dchrysalisf2 21543 didx 858
waterboys, thefisherman's blues198811dchrysalisvk 41589 didx 2704
waterboys, theroom to roam199011densign/chrysalisf2 21768174255
waterboys, thedream harder199311dgeffengefd-24476
waterboys, thefisherman's blues part two200121drazor & tie7930182880-2
waxing poeticshermitage198611demergoemd-9610
waxing poeticsmanakin moon198812demergoemd 9557
waxing poeticsbed time story199011demergoemd-9371
wayne, jeffwar of the worlds200521dcolumbiadpcd96000
weird summerincarnata mysterica199511dparasolpar cd-009
weird summercry for the moon plus other fun199511dparasolpar cd-012
weird summerin search of199611dparasolpar cd-017
westerberg, paul14 songs199311dsire9 45255-2
western electricwestern electric200011dgadfly261
whirling dervishesaffordable world/history kicks you (plus fuzz dance & oh ok wow)1986/198511dhome
whirling dervishesstrange and wonderful199211dwm733-2
whirling dervisheswish it would snow199211cd5dwm10734-2
whirling dervishesgrinch199411cd5dcontinuumcondm-12421
whirling dervishesgrinch e.p.199511cd5dfoundation20907-6001-2
who, thetommy196911dmcamcad-11417112317
who, thewho's next197111dmcamcad-11269113215
who, thehooligans198121dmcamcad2-12001
who, theface dances198111dmcamcad-25987
who, theit's hard198211dwarner23731-2
who, themy generation - very best of199611dmcamcad-11462115793
winged migrationsoundtrack200111dhigher octavehostcd 82505
winter hourswait till the morning1986/198911dlink022
winter hoursleaving time/album88198611dhome
winter hourswinter hours198912dchrysalisf2 21682 didx 3814
wipeouters, thep'twaang!!!200611dcleopatraclp 1677-2
wirepink flag1977/198911drestless retro7 72360-2
wire trainin a chamber / between two words1984/198511doglioogl 81577-2 a 26103
wire trainten women198711dcolumbiack 40387
wire trainwire train199011dmcamcad-6427
wire trainno soul no strain199211dmcamcad-10604
wire trainlast perfect thing...a restrospective199611dcolumbia/legacyck 64792
wonder, steviesongs in the key of life197621dmotown3746303402202104
wonder, steviesong review - a greatest hits collection199621dmotownmotd-0767
woo, wendywide awake and dreaming199911dsky trailstp015
woodentops, thewooden foot cops on the highway198811dcolumbiack 40861
wrens, thesecaucus199611dgrass13021-2
wynn, stevefluorescent199411dmute61652-2
wynn, stevesketches in spain2000/07/1411domnivoreovcd-81
wynn, stevehere come the miracles200121dblue roseblu dp0237
wynn, stevecrossing dragon bridge200811drock ridgerkm2-61190
xlos angeles / wild gift198111dslash9 25771-2
xunder the big black sun198211delektra9 60150-2
xmore fun in the new world198311delektra9 60283-2
xain't love grand198512delektra9 60430-2
xlive at the whiskey a go-go198811delektra9 60788-2
xsee how we are198711delektra9 60492-2
xhey zeus!199311dbig life/mercury314 519 261-2
xunclogged199511dinfidelity/sunset blvd10812-2
xanthology - beyond and back199721delektra62103-2
xtcwhite music197711dgeffengefd-24373
xtcgo 2197811dvirgincdv2108
xtcdrums and wires197911dgeffengefd-4034
xtcblack sea198011dgeffengefd-24376
xtcenglish settlement198212dgeffen4036-2
xtcbig express198412dgeffen9 24054-2
xtcskylarking198611dgeffenm2g 24117
xtcoranges & lemons198911dgeffen9 24218-2
xtcrag & bone buffet199011dgeffengefd-24417
xtcdrums & wireless - bbc199411dnighttrackscdnt008
xtcupsy daisy assortment199711dgeffengefd-25137121448
xtcapple venus volume 1199911dtvt3250-2
xtcwasp star apple venus volume 2200011dtvt3260-2
xtci'm the man who murdered love200011cd5dtvt3263-2
xtccoat of many cupboards200241dvirginxtcbox1
yazupstairs at eric's198211dsire9 23737-2101828
yazyou and me both198311dsire9 23903-2
yes90125198311datco7 90125-2102113
yesthe definitive rock collection200721datlantic/rhinor2 74188220648
zero 7simple things200111dquango/palmqmg 5007-2
zero 7another late night200211dkinetic67728-54705-2
zero 7the garden200611datlantic63380-2
zero zeroava199511dredheadredcd 0015