attached are nine pictures(JPEG's) from the beginning of the Alumni race. I captured these off of a video cassette and plan out sending more pictures if everyone wants to see them. Let me know. Bill ps. You may need to scroll down the image to see the captions.

Whalin' Tom Whalen "I'm gonna kick Laubster's ass."

"I'm gonna kick everyone's ass next year!" - Wade Hudson

The Start.

Die you gravy sucking pigs!

Jeff Klein keeps (***) distance from "Wacko Leg" Lieberman.

Laubster keeps an eye on the front runners!

Grant hunts down Ironman Murphy.

Dan Huntington - "2 time team-pest winner."

Mackey decides to fly!

Even the dogs were excited about the alumni race.

The 1999 Emory Alumni Run.