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Photos that have been posted to the email list
Deb Terry's photo scrapbook
Deb Terry's article scrapbook
December 2014 U.S.A.T.F. Club XC Championship
February 2014 U.S. XC Championship
More February 2014 U.S. XC Championship
December 2012 XC Club Nationals
Jeff's tour of the April 2011 Alumni Mile
Tony Lewis interviewed in a 1997 National Geographic Traveler
Jeff's shot of Pedro & Suzy
Deb's tour of 1980-1983
Leslie's tour of 1982-1983
Bill's shots at the 1999 Alumni Challenge
Lieb's hodgepodge from 1983, 84, & 89
1984 Savannah Marathon & Half Marathon results

Talk To Us

There's an email list where a lot of alumni are reachable. To get hooked up, ask Dave via email. His contact information is available at http://www.laubster.org .

Change History To The Results Pages

2018-oct-18 posted 2014-2017 results
  reprocessed 2009-2014 due to lost source files
2015-may-25 posted 2009-2014 results
  suppress non-placing teams in the team summary section
  suppress team in detail section consisting of a single untracked member
2009-aug-22 posted 2008 results
  mention non-placing teams in the team summary section
  completed many hundreds of athlete first names by examining other nearby results
2008-aug-05 posted 2007 results
  added win/loss stats to the athlete index
  cleaned up the presentation per Ray Davis suggestions
  decomissioned the clunky search capability
  added some more guesses/estimates at ath places, ath counts, etc. (esp. in early results)
  changed a few team names from "emory" to "emory b"
2007-oct-04 many, many improvements to older results, in prep for stats calcs, including:
  *** corrected some team/athlete counts on the event records
  *** eliminated gaps in assigned places where the original data was wrong
  *** created some empty placeholder athlete finishes for unreadable records
  *** noted where incomplete information exists so I don't repeat this drill 2 years from now
  *** loaded a half dozen or so athlete finishes that were accidently omitted
  *** loaded a bunch of results (after 37th place) missing from m&w 20001028caveunip
  *** reversed some swapped first/last names in m&w 20001028caveunip
  set many "class" datapoints after referencing emory yearbooks
2007-oct-03 posted 2006 results
  removed the klunky search functionality
  Brian Mortenson=>Mortensen
2006-aug-31 posted 2005 results
  changed date format in event pages title & header from dd-mon-yyyy to yyyy-mon-dd
  changed 1980 women's national from ncaa to aiaw; changed date from nov22 to nov01 (a guess)
  changed date of 1976 men's national from nov20 to nov13, and add some terrain/course info
  changed date of 1979 men's regional from nov17 to nov10
  fixed a sorting issue where the next/prev link order didn't match that on the event index
  removed dnf for an athlete at 1983 clemson meet since he didn't run
2004-nov-29 posted 2004 results
  order all entries in event index reverse-chronologically
  standardized all location/course entries for pathersville
  added host info for 2001 & 2002 nationals
  added details from emory wheel articles 2002-2004
  fixed some invalid times (like 38:60 & 29:69.7)
  calculated athlete scoring for 26 various meets 1986-2004
  give avinash kumar & hillary singer credit for running at state 1989
  yank credit for a run at gsu 1996 from john hayes
  yank credit for a run at state 1991 from chris smith
  do better job at sorting non-scored teams (now case insensitive)
  restored search capability that was disabled a few months ago
2004-jan-05 posted 2003 results
  corrected typo in 2001: Justin Andersen => Anderson
  link on Jayaraj in m20021019
2003-jan-01 posted 2002 results
  added class designations to alumni, male gsu invite, 19940917
  added leslie mayer and 3 others to female gsu invite, 19940917
  fleshed out male gsu invite, 19930918
  set scoring for emory in male state meet, 19921003
  justin andersen=>anderson
  changed list reference: majordomo=>mailman
  set class for coleman
2002-feb-08 fleshed out 1997-1999
  standardized event host/name for sewanee & western carolina
2001-nov-19 added search
  fleshed out 1995-1996
  added second half of 2001
  added links on years to ?_athlete_idx
  on ?_athlete_idx, replaced "best" on name row with asterisk in new column
  lots of cleanup: fixed bad times, scoring, etc.
2001-oct-08 add PR to ?_athlete_idx.html
  added links for tracked athletes on all event pages to ?_athlete_idx
  incorporated host name into event titles
  fleshed out 1993-1994
  added first half of 2001
  fixed broken links on ?_athlete_idx.html for athletes with spaces in names
  renamed 'sponsor' to 'host'
  require distances so PR's can be derived
2001-jul-24 re-did justification on mini-menus of each page
  changed 1991 uaa athlete from matt carlton to matt daniels
2001-jul-17 started capitalization issue (Mcallister is now McAllister) (only emory runners fixed so far)
  made links out of names in *_athlete_idx and years in *_event_idx
2001-jun-17 fleshed out most of 1988-1991 results - info from jarenberg
  group married names under maiden names of "women results by athletes"
  added misc. tidbits section, including tony's natl geo article
  added handy navigation links to top & bottom of all pages, incl. link to opposite sex's race
  fixed lots of name/location/sponsor/course differences between men & women races
  filled in many missing "Athletes:" numbers
  expanded first name initials (& populated nulls) where possible
2001-mar-30 fleshed out 1986 & 1987 results - info from jarenberg
  added sub-page jumps on year to results by event page (get to 1986 by appending "#1986" to URL)
  added sub-page jumps on name to results by athlete page (get to tony lewis by appending "#tony_lewis" to URL)
  on results by event page, write "1st of 21 teams" instead of "1 of 21 teams"
  added total mark for scorers to results by event page
  added bunches of "class" (fr/so/jr/sr) settings from 2000 alum run directory
  added john kennedy to list of interesting people to highlight
  added appropriate links to bottom of each page for easier navigation
  corrected minor time/name errors
  omit runners without a name from results by athlete page
  don't print avg diff if place is null
2001-mar-18 added 1982 individual results - info from lmayer
  added almost all 1983 results - info from lmayer
  added almost all 1985 results - info from jarenberg
  added steve keith and scott winnier to list of interesting people to highlight
  added times to "results by athlete" pages
2001-mar-08 most of following additions due to results from jarenberg
  added all women's 84 results except (existing) bagel & oglethorpe
  added women's 82 regional, 83 regional, 84 national
  added men's 82 regional
  fleshed out men's results: 76 nationals, 83 regionals, 83 nationals, 84 georgia state invit
  fixed bug where total/avg/spread not appearing in 1st section
  added pete gathje to list of interesting people to highlight
  misc small tweaks (name corrections, weather, terrain, etc.)
2001-jan-14 add team results from jarenberg, 1987-1997
  added clay herron to men's results by athlete
  added more john barbour races to men's results by athlete
  lengthened event url names to avoid collisions (such as w,dickinson:1997-oct-11)
  added this "change history" section
2001-jan-12 initial release


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