Here are selected pictures that have been posted on the emory-xc@laubster.org email list. They appear in reverse order of posting.


Posted 2022-01-10 by Clay Herron (via Laubster). The team that the Atlanta Track Club entered for the Georgia Lake to Lake Relay held May 15-16, 1987.

STANDING: Laubster, Tony Lewis, Harry Hoston, John Barbour, Robbie Hollister, Matt Morrow, Grant McAllister (driver), Pete Gathje.

KNEELING: Bob Sams, Mike Anderson, Clay Herron, Dick Langway (driver).

NOT PICTURED: Adam Pinkston.


Posted 2020-04-16 by Debbie Terry. From John Barbour's 1988 Olympic Marathon Trials. Click these for a larger image.

ABOVE: John Barbour, Allison Fitzgerald (a swimmer friend of Deb's).

ABOVE: Debbie Terry, Allison Fitzgerald (a swimmer friend of Deb's).


Posted 2019-09-03 by Dave Laub. The Emory squad that went to the 1984 App State meet.

TOP ROW: Dave Laub, Dan Huntington, Wade Hudson, Andrew Allden, Tony Lewis, Grant McAllister, Melanie Merrick, Julie Justicz, Sheila Sullivan nee O'Malley, John Barbour.

BOTTOM ROW: Steve Keith, Jeanne Hoffman, Simone Dumermuth, John Mosely Hayes, Karen Fohrman nee Ogle, Leslie Mayer.


Posted 2018-06-17 by Anne Eckstein. Mid-80's harriers are reunited for a dinner at Sherpa's restaurant in Boulder. Click these for a larger image.

ABOVE, FROM LEFT: Anne Eckstein, Leslie Mayer, Sheila Sullivan nee O'Malley, Kristine Ogle, Karen Fohrman nee Ogle.

ABOVE, FROM LEFT: Sheila Sullivan nee O'Malley, Karen Fohrman nee Ogle, Anne Eckstein, Kristine Ogle, Leslie Mayer.


Posted 2018-05-20 by Dave Lieberman. The Dobbs Hall Sophomore Advisors / roommates / XC teammates are reunited, along with their daughters.

FROM LEFT: Hannah Lieberman, Dave Lieberman, Gerard McHugh, Sophie McHugh.


Posted 2018-05-18 by John Barbour. Masked runners from probably 1984. Click it for a larger image.

John wrote "With respect to the "old" photograph, I'm not even sure who everyone is. Jeanne and Julie for sure; I think Karen between them, others are up for grabs." Laubster guesses "left to right: Melanie Merrick, Jeanne Hoffman, John Barbour (looks like an Irish cap to the side), Julie Justicz, Steve Keith (wild guess), John Mosely Hayes (guessing by the hair alone), Sheila Sullivan nee O'Malley. Other possibilities: Maria, Nancy, Simone, Lisa." Leslie says "the white/gray plaid shirt I'm pretty sure is Lisa Kady".


Posted 2017-11-26 by Dave Lieberman. At the Footlocker meet in Charlotte where Joe ran the 5K. Click it for a larger image.

FROM LEFT: Steve Keith, Dave Lieberman, Joe Fejes.


Posted 2017-09-28 by Bill Mackey. At the Mountain Sun brewpub in Boulder. Click it for a larger image.

FROM LEFT: Leslie Mayer, Bill Mackey, Dave Laub, Anne Eckstein.


Posted 2016-02-06 by Jeff Klein. Taken in Jeff's basement, during a weekend visit for a reunion show by the Producers in Little 5 Points. Click it for a larger image.

FROM LEFT: ?, Ken Gale, Dave Laub, Jeff Klein, Don Williams, Glenn Kulasiewicz, Wade Hudson, Steve Cannon, Nick Valerio, Grant McAllister.


Posted 2015-11-28 by Dave Lieberman. At the high school Footlocker meet in Charlotte.

FROM LEFT: Andrew Allden, Jeff Klein, Dave Lieberman.


Posted 2015-06-23 by Debbie Terry. At the 2015-06-20 reunion of the early 80's women's team, possibly at Houston Mill House.

ABOVE, TOP ROW: Dodie Goodyear, Anisa Threlkeld nee Badaruddin, Ruta Clair nee Meskauskas, Gerry Lowrey, Karen Fohrman nee Ogle, Anne Evans, Julie Justicz.

BOTTOM ROW: Jeanne Hoffman, Debbie Terry, Maria Hybinette, Leslie Mayer.

Below is from dinner later that night, probably at Manual's.

AROUND THE TABLE, FROM THE LEFT: Ruta Clair nee Meskauskas, Debbie Terry, Gerry Lowrey, Bob Threlkeld, Anne Evans, Mitch Clair, Bill Mackey, Leslie Mayer, Maria Hybinette, Dodie Goodyear, Karen Fohrman nee Ogle, Julie Justicz, Anisa Threlkeld nee Badaruddin.


Posted 2015-03-10 by John Barbour. From an autumn 1983 XC trip, possibly a meal stop to/from the regional meet at Christopher Newport. Performing a Stupid Human Trick from David Letterman.

From left: Tony Lewis, Jeff Klein, Bill Mackey, Steve Cannon, Dan Huntington ("spoons have tines, right?"), Dave Lieberman.


Posted 2014-07-01 by Jeff Klein. The official 1984 track team photo. Click it for a larger image.

TOP ROW: ?, Steve Cannon, Jeff Klein, John Paul, ?, Andrew Allden, Doug Hyland (a photobombing friend of Klein), Wade Hudson, ?.

UPPER MIDDLE ROW: John Barbour, Pedro Vasquez, Jimmy Elton, ?, John Mosely Hayes, ?, Dave Lieberman, Bill Mackey, Gerard McHugh, Andres de la Cruz, Mark Kleinkopf, Steve Keith, ?.

LOWER MIDDLE ROW: Jay Gottesman, Melanie Merrick, Lisa Kady, Deb Salzman, Julie Justicz, ?, Simone Dumermuth, Anne Evans, Kelly Moreland.

BOTTOM ROW: (Ravi Alagappan ?), ?, Leslie Mayer, Balin Durr, Jeanne Hoffman, (Leslie?), Lynn Bishop, ?, Steve Jungbauer.


Posted 2013-08-12 by Jeff Klein. From the 2001 induction into the Emory Sports Hall of Fame of Jeanne Hoffman & Gerry Lowrey. At the Houston Mill House. Click it for a larger image.

TOP ROW: Bill Mackey, John Curtin, Dave Laub.

MIDDLE ROW: Steve Cannon, Dan Huntington, Wade Hudson.

BOTTOM ROW: Steve Keith, Jeff Klein, Gerry Lowrey, Jeanne Hoffman.


Posted 2012-06-18 by Jeff Klein. Probably taken 1994-09-17 after a Panthersville race where we fielded a team. Click it for a larger image.

TOP ROW: Melanie Merrick, Bill Mackey, Dave Lieberman,

BOTTOM ROW: Dave Laub, Glenn Kulasiewicz, Leslie Mayer, John Barbour. Grant McAllister, Ken Gale, Jeff Klein.